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Local DFW folks... We're launching a Marketing Mastermind Group! Test kickoff is this FRIDAY at 3:30 PM in person in our studio. To get in the group, you need to book a free 30-minute whiteboard session with me first. Watch the video here for the next steps: (Masterminds are for serious business owners looking to get to the next level)
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Done! I'm in!
The Power of Anti-Marketing
In a world where we're bombarded with advertisements and marketing messages at every turn, it can be refreshing to see a brand take a different approach. That's where anti-marketing comes in. Anti-marketing is a marketing strategy that involves intentionally going against the grain of traditional marketing tactics in order to set your brand apart and connect with customers on a deeper level. One of the key principles of anti-marketing is authenticity. This can involve sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business or even being honest about the limitations of your product or service. Another principle is focusing on the customer's experience. Anti-marketing strategies focus on creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for the customer. An example of an anti-marketing strategy is the "anti-ad" campaign launched by Patagonia. Rather than promoting their products with flashy ads, Patagonia focused on telling the story of their commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. By highlighting their values and mission, Patagonia was able to connect with customers on a deeper level and build a loyal following. By focusing on authenticity, customer experience, and a unique approach to marketing, anti-marketing can help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace and build a loyal following.
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The Power of Anti-Marketing
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Such a timely post! It's been on my mind and I just recorded a video yesterday that I plan to use for my digital ads that say "there's no shortage of great workouts here in and around Keller. If your just looking for a amazing workout for cheap, we are probably not for you. If you have a great workout that is working, by all means keep doing that!" I think there's value in being different, but also for me there's an aspect of targeting my ideal client with this messaging as well.
When & How to Ask for Testimonials / Reviews
I originally recorded this question for Brad, however, after reflecting on it for a moment I thought this might be a good discussion piece for the group. Definity want to hear Brad and the rest if the Genie Rocket team's thoughts, but I'm betting there are some BAM community members that have some good insight on this as well. Please take 3 minutes to watch the video and share your thoughts. Thank you in advance!
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When & How to Ask for Testimonials / Reviews
BAM! Live Workshop Recording 2.3.23
In February’s monthly workshop, we went through the 10 email sequences EVERY business needs to help improve their nurturing and sales game. Make sure you are on the list for the next event! Resources from the workshop: - -
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BAM! Live Workshop Recording 2.3.23
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This was a great session. I took lots of notes. #4 - Overcome Objections email stood out to me. I like the idea of getting in front of a common objection and overcoming it right out of the gate.
Lead Magnets & Thinking Outside the Box
Expanding on our previous BAM workshop topic, an effective strategy to generate new leads is to create a unique and valuable lead magnet. But what exactly is a lead magnet and how can you make it stand out? A lead magnet is a piece of content or offer that entices potential customers to provide their contact information in exchange. The idea behind it is to offer something of value to the customer in exchange for their contact information, which can then be used to nurture and convert them into paying customers. Here are a few tips for creating an effective and unique lead magnet: 1. Identify your target audience and tailor your lead magnet to their specific pain points or interests. 2. Make sure the lead magnet is valuable and provides a solution to a problem or addresses a specific need. 3. Experiment with different formats such as e-books, webinars, assessments, and quizzes to see what resonates best with your audience. 4. Be creative and think outside of the box. Offer something that sets you apart from your competition. 5. Don't forget to promote your lead magnet and make it easily accessible to your target audience. Creating a unique and effective lead magnet can help set your small business apart and drive more leads. So don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. Your business will thank you! #leadmagnet #smallbusinessmarketing
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Lead Magnets & Thinking Outside the Box
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I really enjoyed the discussion last week. I’d really like to try a few different types of lead magnets as opposed to the industry standard free class or free week. I’m leaning toward an educational lead magnet.
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