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Hey team, @Nick Guadagnoli (Product Manager), me (CEO), and @Sid Sahasrabuddhe (Community Manager) are holding a Skool "Office Hours" livestream tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th @ 1pm Pacific Time on Zoom. See it on our calendar here. We're going to share our latest product updates, best practices, and answer any questions you have. Nothing formal, we just want to hang out with you guys, share what's going on, and offer help. Want to attend? Click this link here to register/attend. See you there!



Marla Harmon
Sam Ovens
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Mike Gowans
Lisa-Maree Walker
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    Hi @Sam Ovens. Looking forward to it! Any chance you all are working on a full-size image preview in posts instead of the thumbnail image?

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    @Sam Ovens Awesome! Thanks!

Hi everyone. I'm new to Skool. Is there any way to have an image in the post, like on a Facebook post? I'd also like our posted videos to have a full-sized preview rather than a thumbnail. Is this possible? People are very visual, and our team uses many images, videos, and gifs in our Facebook groups.



Dennis Kraus
Samuel J Snead
Brenzen Zettl
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