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Looking for these Japanese boxes
This a longshot, but I am trying to get some additions for my japanese sealed collection. Does anyone have something from my list of needs (see below, looking for nm-mint ones)? I have also some boxes from that era for trade (xy2, xy9, xy10, pokekyun). 20th Anniversary Best of XY Cruel Traitor Fever Burst Fighter Emerald Break Team Magma VS Team Aqua Double Crisis Tidal Storm Gaia Volcano Rising Fist Plasma Gale Freeze Shock Ice Burn Dragon Blast Psycho Drive Hail Blizzard White Collection Black Collection
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@Vincent Ceelen Nice! I am mostly interested in the bw/xy era boxes to fill some gaps in my collection. Also need some sun/moon era boxes (somehow I wasn’t very actively collecting at that time), but those are relatively easy to find still.
What's your exit strategy?
People often talk about which items or sets are good to invest in and rarely talk about the end game. I'm still building my own exit strategy and knowing that I'm pretty new in this, I want to get some opinions. What would be your exit strategy when it comes to selling your products? How do you decide when is the right time to sell your products and when to keep it for longer? How do you plan to sell your products and to make sure you can sell them for a good price? Do you have different selling plans for different products?
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Totally depends on your financial situation and the space you have for storage. In general it’s very hard to time the market. There are many unknown factors. Boxes that seem stagnant now can suddenly rise in value. Think of the pokemon go hype, corona, waifu craze. Reprints and underprinting (which is only visible years later) also play a part. And new main games can affect popularity of older sets. I just like to keep a bit of everything to make sure not to miss any rise. In general I think holding always pays off, but your financial situation must allow that. Lower liquidity for higher priced items isn’t really an issue when can take your time. When I was selling pokekyun boxes for 1k they weren’t selling any faster than they are now for 5k.
Pls help?
Are there people here who conduct their investments in Pokémon as a business, for example, to offset VAT? If, as a Pokémon trader, you hold boxes for, say, 5 years because they "don't sell" at purchase, you can write off the VAT against the received VAT. It seems that at the time of sale, you would then have to pay VAT. And on the made "profit," income tax depends on your other income. Now I'm wondering if this is interesting; as a private investor, you usually don't pay income tax (although it may not be entirely allowed). I'm hesitant about whether to make these investments as a business. Anyone familiar with this or has knowledge that can provide advice? This relates to the tax system in the Netherlands.
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I have been looking into this as well, especially because of the amount of boxes I have. Seems a bit of a gray area, I can see how it's not very different from being a shop (although most don't keep inventory for multiple years), but also like any other traditional investment (stocks, whisky). I approach it like the latter and report the value every year in box 3.
Pokemon 151 UPC - Another Charizard UPC situation?
Last year we had the craze around the Charizard UPC. Pre-orders were going for €150, €200, €250 or even more. Then it came out, and Pokemon showed it had taken a different approach than with the Celebrations UPC. They printed, and printed, and printed.... and printed. Quickly the price dropped to €100 on cardmarket, which in my understanding is way below MSRP. Today (almost a year after release) it's still available for €100 😂 Now back to the Mew Pokemon 151 UPC. I see a similar scenario playing out. It's already being sold below MSRP (for €120) on Cardmarket and it JUST released. I mean the demand for 151 is insane, the product is amazing, but still... below MSRP within a couple days after release. I wouldn't be surprised if it dropped below €100 very soon. What can we learn from this? The Pokémon Company International has stepped up their game in adding more supply to deal with the insane demand. This is a good thing, now we can all get product more easily and enjoy the amazing cards they are releasing currently. This is also the role modern products play in the eco system of Pokemon. They are supposed to be readily available, get people engaged and into the hobby. The lesson Investing wise, is for me that it's not as simple as buying a UPC on pre-order and waiting for the value to go to the moon. The balance of supply and demand in English modern Pokemon has shifted from insane demand and low supply, to insane demand and insane amounts of supply 😅 All in all I do like developments like this. This is when the real collectors/investors that love Pokemon get to thinking and shift their approach/strategies and when the easy scalpers drop off cause theres no more easy money to be made.
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Pokemon 151 UPC - Another Charizard UPC situation?
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Certainly can’t hurt to wait some time before picking up a set. Feels a bit like 2016 again, where the break cards were (and are 😛) disliked similar to the tera cards now. And the supply meets (and probably exceeds) demand.
Annual Growth
Was wondering how much annual growth some of my older purchases have gotten. Not surprisingly steam siege had lowest returns, but still pretty good :) Don't have too many price data points from the past unfortunately, because it would interesting to see at what point in time set prices start to move upwards (as it's not very linear in most cases and prices can be very stagnant at times). Do you guys keep any data from your purchases and what sets/items did best so far?
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Annual Growth
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@Myrte de Goede I have no real strategy 😅 So far, holding always seems the best option. Having a bit of everything can certainly help to take advantage of price swings due to unexpected events. That said, I’m downsizing my collection to 1 box of each set (for display, japanese only). But a lot of the higher end boxes move slowly, so that might take a while 😬
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@Myrte de Goede yeah, ebay using “buy it now”. On average I sell 1 high end box per month, so it takes some time. Up side is that most boxes appreciate in price while waiting for a sale 😄
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