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38 contributions to Bitcoin
Buy/Receive Bitcoin anonymously?
Can I buy/receive Bitcoin without an email and doing KYC? I know I can do it with ETH and Metamask, but not sure for BTC?
New comment 5d ago
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you should be able to do this using BiSQ (good) or most de-centralized exchanges (can be good or can be bad); among the latter try to avoid the too fishy-looking ones!
When to buy BTC during April
Should I put 80% of all my money into BTC? should I put it all at once before halving and what price should I wait to buy? Or do i buy now?
New comment 4d ago
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depends on the amount @Melvin Fung, but usually dollar-cost-averaging in is the better solution than "playing the farm" in just one hand: even during the first few days of April, prices have made movements of approx $9K, so if they're topping out around the $71K level you might be able to get more bang for your buck buying the lows.This is just my opinion and how I would go about it for my own money.
BTC is entering a super cycle
Here's a great vid explaining the what & why: And here are my own key takeaways that I fully agree with: 4 Reasons why the price of BTC is going to stay on an upward trajectory for the next few years: 1. The ETF's: Bitcoin ETFs act as a 'super highway' for trillions of dollars to flow into bitcoin with ease. The ETF's have already attracted over $58 billion into BTC in less than 90 days. That's 40% more than what the Gold ETF brought in during it's first 20 years! More money into BTC via the ETF's = a higher BTC price. 2. Corporate Adoption: Michael Saylor (The CEO of Microstrategy) has created a new 'playbook' for big companies to make billions of dollars with bitcoin. How? He's found a loop hole in the debt game. His company has been proudly taking out BILLIONS of dollars of debt and to buy Bitcoin, only to pay off the debt years later (at a very low interest rate) once the price of BTC has risen dramatically and they've seen massive profit. This strategy has not only proven successful for MicroStrategy but is now also encouraging other companies like Coinbase to invest in Bitcoin using this same 'debt loophole'. When more companies take out debt to invest in BTC... the BTC price goes up. 3. Nation-State Adoption: El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender has set a precedent for other countries (like Saudi Arabia, for example) to consider Bitcoin as part of their sovereign wealth strategies as well. When more countries keep buying Bitcoin, the price of BTC can only go up. 4. Macroeconomic Conditions: With the lowering of interest rates, people will have more money to spend on bitcoin. And with the rise of inflation, everything will go up in price, including bitcoin. Plus, more people will start to see bitcoin has a way to prevent the loss of their currencies purchasing power.
New comment 22d ago
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add the Central African Republic to the El-Salvador thing (Ecuador also "friendly" at some point, don't know what became of it later); also hopeful for the Micro-Strategy approach (Michael Saylor). A bit surprised it's not catching on faster though (on both counts). Plus, I'm also hopeful to finally see some wider payments adoption, as we won't get as far as easily without it.
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@Ted Carr I know, that's why this really needs to be improved upon; also, it's a marketing problem (communicating to biz owners in the "1st world" that you can take outright Crypto payments); this needs opening them up to this option in the first place ("3rd-world" operators are much smarter and more open -- out of by necessity though -- but I still find it hard to understand why ppl don't get it that Crypto payments are so much better than Visa-and-shit who have to cover 41% fraud factors and chargebacks -- by passing the buck onto the consumer). These probs don't even exist with bitcoins, that's the point... Okay, long story again -- but you're abs right on the ATMs.
When do you *buy* bitcoins?
Piggybacking on the earlier When-to-Sell post, it now looks like we are witnessing one of those pullbacks that may at some point be the right moment to Buy, or to buy more... We are potentially seeing a somewhat delayed market "breather" right now, as it is likely that more upward price-movements in BTC will follow -- at least up to the point that the Halving thing becomes "yesterday's news". I am myself a little surprised this took so long; maybe it is an indication of overall Moon mania in this market (I really don't know). It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the short to medium term but, as I stated earlier, now rather than around $72K-$74K may be a better time to stack more coins.
New comment 26d ago
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much rather, let us see if we'll finally find a support level around $59K -- will be interesting to see; would also demonstrate (and only from that point on out we make it back above $74K) that these 2+ weeks will then have been "outside of always" ;) Call me old-fashioned, but for me it really matters if I can buy 20% more or 20% less for my currency. This is what "When do you buy" means.
Do you recommend waiting for BTC to go down or to buy now? Do you have any alt coins?
New comment 28d ago
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I saw this post only now @Oliver Schofield, and you make a number of great points there. Still I am not wholly convinced if we can put hodling first and "wait" for transactional utility later or if it's not the other way round or, more likely, at least somewhat like a Chicken-and-Egg problem: you won't have one without the other. Being the last to grant ANYTHING to "modern" (as in socialist) monetary theory, let alone central-banking "science" or control mechanisms like interest-rate policy or similar garbage, I am still tempted to acknowledge that "velocity of money" is one of the value-building factors: at least in real life, as demonstrated by the infamous Oil-for-Dollars deal struck by a bunch of ultra-Keynesians in 1974. (Not even sure if the Velocity thing is even part of this or if we should rather see it as a common feature of ALL monies?) Regardless, it looks to me like Velocity really does have an impact of the value (and utility) of something being money, therefore must be of significance for all types of bitcoins as well, if we want to rightly attribute monetary functions to them (contrary to just being able and "collect" them like a piece of art). In light of CBDCs looming on the horizon, I'd most certainly want Crypto to be able and come to the rescue, thus count on Monetary features, in order to prevent that dystopia from really happening. (Swapping cigarettes for payment, or carrying around violins or porcelain figurines when buying a flock of goats for survival is too laborious, also not very discreet...) So I'll keep watching Crypto -- including the more established Alts -- to see if there's a solution in them (does not have to be Bitcoin-the-coin though, if ppl should screw up BTC's potential by locking it away in the vaults of some ETFs, as has been happening over the past few weeks)! That's why I'm trying to keep my eyes open on ALL useful coins beyond just BTC. (Not everything else but BTC is a shitcoin, BTW.) Curious to see which one will ultimately turn out to be a solution to the above.
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Just like you said @Nick Waters, and also adding to your earlier question @Linda Birse: you might be interested in these points, as it temporarily looks like more people "don't want it" than "do" as we speak...
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