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1st workout of 4wk program in the books
Been doing a lot of Brett Jones’ Iron Cardio protocol, but was neglecting my swings & gets ups so I’m giving this a go. Mobility warmup Swings - 28kg Getup - 24kg Finished with double 24kg marches & gorilla rows Heaviest bell I currently own is a 32kg I which I know I’m good to swing with, but want to do this program to dial in my form. Once complete, I plan to run this program with single-arm swings to get the form better.
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Week 2, workout 3 ✅ Form on swings continues to improve. Much more of a foot press into the floor to drive the hips and bell. Get up form is good, but got winded on 3 per side.
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Completed weeks 2 & 3 and now on workout 2 of week 4.
Swings and lower back pain….
Just finished my third round of the 4 week Flagship program. Coming off an elbow/shoulder injury, and never having done KB training, I feel I started pretty light on weight. I am now swinging (2 hands only) 32kg as my new moderate. However, I have noticed that when doing some of the more rigorous days (like 10 swings on the 30 sec with goblet squats mixed in) - my lower back starts screaming after 60 or-so swings. I’m sure it has to do with technique, but I have really studied, compared, followed and filmed to make sure I am doing things the right way…. When do I get to the point where swings feel easier? I don’t feel like I have really gone up much on weight, but still feels tough on my swings. I know the easy answer is my technique… but is there anything else that I should be looking at/focusing on? Thanks for the advice 👍🏻 @Sean Griffin @Grant Anderson @Bas De ruyter @Nathan Visser @Nate Dye @David Hall @Ian Liskay @Jacob Nuesser
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@Joshua Ihle This was happening to me and after trying multiple things I realized this was due to my squats - going too deep. How deep are you squatting and are you in control the entire way down? I noticed when I squatted super deep my lower back would scream at me. Worse than any issue I ever had with my swings. Try working on your ankle deflexion and only squat to where your thighs are level. No need to go deeper than that. Try it and see if your back pain subsides.
Kb 4 week program
Started yesterday with the 1st day of the 4 week program. Moderate weight is 20 kilo. Does anyone use the “talk test” , as described by Pavel with training. A TGU emom is intense.
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@Rick Kwinkelenberg This article was excellent! Thanks for sharing.
How deep do you hinge vs how horizontal do you get?
If you’re anything like me, kettlebells are a blessing and curse. A blessing in the fact that they offer the opportunity to train in a small space with limited equipment as well as focusing on muscles often overlooked with barbells/dumbbells. A curse in the fact that, if you’re so inclined (and I definitely am), you can easily go down endless rabbit holes debating the finer points of form, hardstyle vs sport bells and technique, etc. Analysis paralysis is a very real thing (at least for me). I’ve been really dialing my form since starting in on the 4week program and was questing why on days when I focus on getting my upper body more horizontal (really focusing on the posterior chain) my swings felt smoother - but I also weaker, while my deeper hinge - with my torso less horizontal - felt more powerful. Today I happened upon this video that explains the link between your hinge depth and power of your swing. Perhaps this should have been obvious, but for whatever reason, it didn’t click for me until today.
The Neglect
Do you agree with the statement: “I haven’t given enough attention to my neck, which may be my most vulnerable body part." It’s common for people to focus on the more prominent muscle groups like the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, abs, and glutes. How many of us prioritize neck strength training? Very few people probably do. I’m guilty of inconsistency in this area myself. If you’re part of the minority who does not train their neck and traps 2-3 times a week, it's time to prioritize and execute! 1. What are your thoughts on this topic? 2. Can KB training (swings and getups) effectively strengthen the muscles in the neck region to provide maximum protection? 3. Do you value your cervical region enough to prioritize its' training? Here's a simple yet deceptively challenging program to start with, courtesy of Jailhouse Strong: This exercise is a popular technique used by Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo fighters, originating from some of Brazil’s toughest neighborhoods. It is a low-impact movement that can improve function and form, including facial features. Start by lying on your back and lifting your head to perform the exercise. Bring your chin to your chest for 40 repetitions, then turn your head to the left and repeat for another 40 repetitions. Do the same on the right side. Next, touch your left ear to your left shoulder for 40 repetitions, then repeat on the right side. You can go through this circuit 2 to 3 times for maximum results. This exercise strengthens the neck muscles, making it useful for grapplers in the clinch and protecting against choke attempts. It can also tone the jaw, helping to define a square jawline and reduce the appearance of a double chin. (Bryant & benShea, 2019, pp. 74-75) References: 1. Bryant, J., & benShea, A. (2019). Jailhouse strong: Tactical shield training. Independently published.
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I’ve noticed considerable size increase in my traps after snatching. Will check this out. Thanks for sharing
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