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hey - big thanks to @Sam Ovens for creating this platform. I tested circle, mighty networks and Tribe before I decided to leave Kajabi. It's well thought out, simple and quite frankly I trust him having been a client since 2018. Big step to move paid clients and looking forward to making their experience even better with Skool.



Paul Kliks
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Nick Guadagnoli
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Problem with current notifications is that I get several notifications per thread. Also all I see who has commented or liked but not on what thread. Suggestions: - Only 1 notification per thread that has some new activity and that notification tells how many new comments/likes etc. are inside that thread and also what thread it is - When I open the thread mark the new comments, replies etc. with something so I can quickly spot the new stuff Just my two cents. I love to be part of growing Skool and hope to use it one day for my own clients :)



Nick Guadagnoli
Justus Kraft
Joel Hakala
Mark Firth
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Am I the only one that wants complete control over whose comments I do and don't see? I just did a search and was surprised to see nobody had suggested it. I am super controlling over what gets access to my brain and I would love more control here On FB I can block the newsfeed and inputs I don't want



Sam Ovens
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