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Here's our roadmap. The image below shows you what's in progress and what's up next. In the last 60-days we shipped: Group landing pages, iPhone app, Android app, inline classroom editor, action posts + pin post to module. The next 60-days are going to be just as intense. We're just getting started 🔥



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    @Sam Ovens Excited for the subscription billing and native videos. Great work Skool team!

It’s true! See attached our cash collected in Stripe in the last 90 days! When Skool was first released I thought ‘here goes another shiny object’. Boy was I wrong. In the first month of transitioning to Skool, our cash collected doubled. No joke. We went from $250,000/mo to $500,000. All with one decision to move over to this beautiful place. I was super reluctant to make the shift in the beginning. We were integrated with what I'm gonna call “the devils’ trifecta” - a FB group, a scattered calendar, and kajabi. The thing is, “the devils’ trifecta” did work for us. It worked. But it created a negative client experience. Truth is we got lazy with it. We were using a platform and model that we knew was sub-par for clients just because it was gonna be painful to move to skool and it was ‘how we’d always done it’. Within 30 days of shifting to Skool, we took our cash collected to $500k/mo - a new height for us. And the cool part? It hasn’t dipped below that. We’ve kept this consistent, and May is due to be our best month yet (projecting $600k). By the end of the year we’ll be at 8 figures. Bold claim, but thanks to Skool we can make better product decisions and create more value as a company - allowing us to charge more, keep clients retained + garner more love from the market. How did Skool improve our product, cash collected & company? 1. Better offer Skool has given us the confidence in our product to have an insane offer. Before we guaranteed a ROI or your money back. Now, we guarantee 20 high ticket coaching, consulting or agency clients, or a full refund + a $5,000 wire! Madness. It’s much easier to get clients. Better product = better offer = easier acquisition. Simple. 2. More coaching calls Our previous product had the standard 2x coaching calls per week. These were run by my business partner and I, and they’d fill up, run over & questions wouldn’t be answered properly due to the sheer volume. Now, Skool allows us to host more calls. Due to the easy calendar feature, we run 15 decentralised coaching calls per week (run by community members), all on specific topics instead of general Q&A.



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    Congratulations @Charlie Morgan & @Baudouin Borghans ! Right offer + Community.

Would be great if we could schedule posts in our groups.



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I want to know.



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