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Free Coaching On Visibility/Vulnerability Blocks This Week Only!
I’ve been getting a lot of messages from members mentioning issues with visibility and/or vulnerability, so I wanted to offer an opportunity to receive coaching on that this week for those who comment below! I also wanted to thank all of you who expressed interest in the free session coaching giveaway from last week! The sessions are underway and I'm so delighted to guide and witness such immense transformation in only an hour! In my life and business, I face visibility and vulnerability myself, each time things significantly grow so I'm no stranger to working with these things to get to the next level. I faced some BIG blocks and anxieties when I shared vulnerable and intimate stories in my book for the first time last year and I remember it hitting me like a ton of bricks when I handed the draft over to my husband so that he could be the first to read it...and then it hit me even harder when I realized that the date was fast approaching that anyone in the world could read it. The writing, publishing, launching, and promoting process each made me face different fears and work on various energetic and subconscious blocks. And so did the personal stories written on the pages. And yet here I am...and this version of Theresa can't imagine what life would be like if I had resisted my own expansion (But I KNOW it would have been more painful than the discomfort of sharing in the face of my fear!). Visibility blocks can come in obvious places, like on social media, at the pool/gym, or with public speaking. They also show up in less obvious places, like feeling blocked when it comes to sharing certain parts of yourself with family/friends or significant others. From the bedroom to boardroom, they can be anywhere...It may be certain things you feel uncomfortable shining a light on and yet deep down, you really want to or need to. There may be fears of what others might think or how they might react and you might be making all of that mean something without ever even doing it. There can be hints of imposter syndrome and perfectionism, too.
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Free Coaching On Visibility/Vulnerability Blocks This Week Only!
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The opposite. But I cannot do the hiding if I want to live of my work as an entrepreneur
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@Theresa Lear Levine it is not always easy to be visible. As we can be easily subject to judgment and criticism. And because I feel things strongly, this is where the issue is. I can feel energy through the internet with people I don't even know..
Welcome, new members! ✨💕✨Tell us…what brought you to the community & how can we best support you?
This is a quote from the fifth chapter of my book Becoming More Me. In this chapter, I talked about how embracing external support is universally supportive. No matter where we stand in life's journey, leaning on others brings strength, resilience, and shared understanding. A heartfelt thank you and the warmest of welcomes to all who are joining us here! I am always grateful for each and every engaged and active member of this community, new or old. ✨💕✨ Whether you're navigating a specific challenge, resisting your own aligned action, or simply looking to become more resourced with your ability to care for yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally- you're in the right place to rise, rewire, and regulate together!! 🥰 Specific requests for learning, coaching and better understanding things are honored in the weekly free coaching posts so please share and make your requests HERE! You may also wish to head over to the classroom where you can dive into amazing programs, tapping videos and other super valuable resources for nervous system regulation and subconscious mind work.✨💕✨ WELCOME! @Amy Hiscox @Maripier Carignan @Gabby Roth @Briyana Brisbane
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Welcome, new members! ✨💕✨Tell us…what brought you to the community & how can we best support you?
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Thank you for inviting me.. 🔆
I’ve never done this before…
Hey there, Beautiful Humans! ✨💖 If you’re in this group I hope you already know I’m on a mission to help busy-minded entrepreneurs create abundant and pleasurable relationships, businesses, and health without anxiety and overwhelm. Over the last few months I have been experimenting with a unique new hypnotherapeutic approach that my clients have been getting amazing results with and I am looking to further develop this method by offering a few FREE coaching sessions... in exchange for a testimonial or even just some feedback on the method. 😊 The FREE sessions will be a 45-60 minute deep dive where we'll focus on one area of your life that feels misaligned or that you want to have a breakthrough in. Wondering if your "challenges" are good ones to work on? 🤔 The short answer is that they probably are! 💃 Common Focus Areas I help entrepreneurs with include Relationships, Money, Business, and Health! well as Manifesting & Magnetizing Goals Related to Any of the Above!✨🤩✨ Using an aligned combination of energy work, nervous system regulation, chakra balancing, inner child upgrades, and subconscious reprogramming, I’ll help you reclaim your power and fuel your journey with pleasure.✨💕✨ I have 5 spots available and aim to complete all sessions by June 20th. 🗓️ If you’re ready for a transformational breakthrough in your life or business Comment #ME below and I’ll reach out with more details.💬 Let’s go deep and create lasting change together! ✨🙌✨
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I’ve never done this before…
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If you still need someone I would love to. #me
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From Envy to Achievement: Reframing Comparison for Success
Hey there, amazing people! Just dropping in with a sneak peek of our latest podcast episode 🎧 "Episode 153: Leveraging Comparison and Envy for Success." 💕 We often shy away from talking about feelings like comparison and envy, but what if I told you these emotions are not only normal but also incredibly powerful (in a good way)? 💪😊 In this episode, we will learn how these feelings can be fantastic indicators of our deepest aspirations and core values. They even help us set benchmarks for our own goals! 🎯❤️ Tune in to discover how to transform these common emotions into stepping stones for personal success and growth. Turn what often seems negative into a positive force in our lives! 🙌🏼 Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment below…. Link to the episode:
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From Envy to Achievement: Reframing Comparison for Success
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I do not feel envy of others, because I am different as a person. But I know that I inspire many to follow a similar path as me, as a lot of people I know began doing what I do after crossing my path.
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@Theresa Lear Levine I am sure I missed something.. 😀
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