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Group Coaching Call on Thursday July 18th
Please submit in the comments below any questions, topics or issues you'd like covered on the coaching call Thursday, July 18th at 12pm EST!
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Hello! I’m interested in looking into a particular situation. I’ve noticed a pattern of when I get even a little upset about something, I turn to food as comfort. It is as if there is another person inside who takes over and will just eat anything at that moment that provides some primordial comfort. She usually doesn’t go for healthy food. Is there a daily process you recommend or a way I can set myself up in a positive way with tapping in order to keep this subconscious habit in check?
New Workshop Drops Wednesday!
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New Workshop Drops Wednesday!
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Hello Theresa. I’m looking forward to listening to the replay. Here is a question I have for the session: like many women of my generation I grew up seeing my mom work outside the home and then also doing everything inside the home for my dad and our family. Seeking pleasure for her was unheard of and I assimilated this pattern since early childhood with my own family, and now taking care of my mom during her late senior years. I feel guilty if I seek relaxation and pleasure. I feel I have to be useful and productive. My dad made sure we were busy and useful during our summer vacations growing up by volunteering or working. So even if I have free time during my work week, I’ll make sure to use it cleaning out closets or going through paperwork, cleaning my email inbox, learning a new computer skill which may be useful to me, and similar non-work related “productive projects”. How do I release the block I have to simply enjoying and relaxing? Thank you 🙏🏼💕
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What a great replay! I listened before going to work and did the tapping round. My day went smoothly and I felt so much joy. I had lunch with a colleague and instead of feeling rushed and whining during our time together, I thoroughly enjoyed her company and felt naturally upbeat and positive. Thank you, Theresa. I plan to listen to it again. It was powerful 💕🤩
Feeling really good days after EFT session
Several days have passed since I did the EFT session here a few times on sadness, loss and betrayal. Very soon after I experienced a shift in my energy and consciousness. I am no longer stuck and am finally enjoying some of the most productive and joyous (for no particular reason) moments. When I look back and see what happened in my family it now feels like I’m looking at a movie. The emotional distress is gone. I’ve become unstuck and am experiencing a flow in activity I haven’t had in a long time.
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HOW I PLAN ADHD STYLE- Planner Sheets!
My Original ADHD Friendly Planning System is Unlocked and ready for You to Customize for Your Own Needs! I'd love to hear your takeaways or questions in the comments below! Just comment PLAN in the comments below and I'll send you the customizable planning sheets that you can begin using right away!
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Welcome...Please Introduce Yourself!
To start things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know… #1 - Who are you, where are you from and how do you spend your days (what are your work and your life like?) #2 - What do you want to get out of being in this community? #3 - What do you like to do for fun, pleasure, and expansion? #4 -Do you have any prior experience working with your own energetic blockages or subconscious beliefs? If so, what have you tried? I'll go first... #1 - ✨💕✨My name is Theresa Lear Levine. I am a mom of 4 boys. I experience ADHD and High Functioning Anxiety and turned my love of Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Feeling better than ever into "Becoming More Me" where I get to use my skills as an EFT master practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Law of attraction mindset coach to help Entrepreneurial men and women all over the world to reclaim their power, inner peace, intuition and confidence so they can live their best life without anxiety and overwhelm. I live in Maryland with my Husband, Jeff, my 4 sons, and 2 yellow Labs! #2 - ✨💕✨What I want out of this community is to be of the utmost service... I want to connect with new friends, I want to serve our existing clients and I want to help people expand their impact, belief in themselves and what is possible when it comes to showing up differently in their lives and getting new results and outcomes where they have previously felt stuck or challenged. Because I already know that my clients are my biggest teachers, I fully expect I will be learning and growing a TON along the way with you and I'm so excited for that! #3 - ✨💕✨Fun, pleasure and expansion, I'm a huge fan of sex research and always expanding in my life sexually. I personally feel that most women undervalue pleasure and that our entire worlds change when we slow down and embrace it! I love deep conversation, relationship building activities (with my husband and kids), audiobooks and music, and am always actively learning something or getting certified in something. I love writing and creating healing and transformational sessions for my clients and I love getting outdoors and being in nature. I regularly share stories on Instagram while taking my morning walk. While I always have many goals I am ambitiously working on, I've learned to make time for slowing down and enjoying my life than I ever have before and now it's a non-negotiable habit and it's glorious!
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Welcome...Please Introduce Yourself!
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Hello. I’m Marie Bernett now working in San Jose, California. I’m so happy to have found you and this forum. I work as a traveling court interpreter and am self-employed. I’ve used tapping in the past. I’d love to get help with my goals and follow through. I’m planning to expand my work abroad and hopefully to move overseas to be closer to my daughter and family in Europe. I manage my mother’s care and take care of her for three days a week, flying south weekly. I’m looking forward to learning and growing together.
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Marie Bernett
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I’m a traveling state contractor interpreter in CA with dual citizenship (USA/EU). I also travel to Europe and am looking to expand my work there.

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