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We want to hear from you😃
Spent the bulk of March doing B2B AI-training sessions and the rest of it on calls getting to know some of you and your pain points. (Thanks for sharing). Excited to meet and talk to each and all of you (soon I hope!) Our group is growing faster, and since it's not easy getting on calls in a short time span, I'd like to ask your thoughts below. We want to serve you better, and ensure everyone benefits from this shared value. Below are some focus areas for April's cohort. (More details to follow) Please vote and feel free to add alternative suggestions we didn't consider. Thanks
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We want to hear from you😃
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I voted other: Focus on New AI updates and how to implement AI in real scenarios, for example VIDEO CREATION with AI Or some effective tools that help with BRAND AWARENESS (Content Creation Campaigns)(tools) But not the “standard” prompts. Maybe TOOLS REVIEWS. Or something that is not Usual? (Like Zapier strategies) Maybe some case studies on real implementations? (with tools) Thank you!
The Biggest Problem I have with AI
I have a massive problem, maybe someone or a group of people can help me solve this problem. I am great at what i do, which is I get Ai to do what i want it to do mainly via Prompting and creating custom GPTs Occasionally I sell some of these services to people who reach out to me. This is all fine but my big problem is : HOW CAN I PROPERLY MONETIZE MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Everywhere I go and all the products and services (in the Ai Space) which i have purchased to get an idea of what others are selling, quite frankly most are below par meaning they are mediocre and do not really help anyone in anyway. That being said these guys are making good money from below average products. Do i also make below average products / services and just spend most of my time on marketing or do i play the long game make good products and let them win on merit? I am very conflicted in my thoughts, does anyone have any way out of this madness?
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Quality is better in long term… especially if you want to build reputation and customers refers their friends Of course product don t need to be perfect the 1st day. But at least a beta, or something that is somewhat solid. If idea is validated, then work hard and fortify the business/software
Hello! 👋
I’m Marco 30yrs old from Italy 🤌 but living in spain. +10yr experience in web design and coding (linux admin, etc) Very curious about AI, I mainly signed up to be up to date with the latest news and be part of a group I’ve already used openai API integration for blog creation together with dall-e as a featured image. (Wordpress) Also built some chatbox (php). Very shocked about the Sora project, and furthermore about Devin AI! (Still early stage) Also from experuence, coding with ChatGPT is 8/10 effective. I can speed up the development of a project from weeks to days / or days to hours. (Not perfect but still faster) I will be around helping as much as I can ;) Arrivederci!🇮🇹 / hasta pronto! 🇪🇸/ talk soon! 🇺🇸🇬🇧
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