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I had a Big revelation yesterday. I've been a serial procrastinator and I'm still somewhat afraid of my own potential. I was doing the bookkeeping for my business and I had a "gut" reaction when I saw bigger numbers popping up in my statements. I use quotation marks because I know now it's not my gut, it's my chest and it's fear. Fear of success much more than fear of failure. Why you may ask? Because I had told myself, based on mine and other people's opinions, that I was not good enough, that I didn't follow through with my plans (because of the procrastination) and that I gave up too soon. So, it was easier to just be, to just "exist", and not show how great I can be. It was easier to dim my light and supposedly not disappoint people who weren't expecting much of me. The problem with that is I was disappointing myself. But that's my old self. My new identity is a positive, happy, disciplined, consistent person. I do what I mean and mean what I do. The momentum in the "wrong" direction was quite fast and strong as I was in that rut for a long time, and the stopping and moving in the right, better direction is taking some time. I just remind myself of that when I feel a little discouraged. I remind myself to have grace and kindness to myself and others because we're doing the best we can. I'm so grateful my mindset has changed so much. I'm so thankful for the changes that have occurred so far and the better ones in my next steps. I'm grateful for having found this beautiful Tribe. You guys are great 👍👍👍👍👍
We have so much to be thankful for!!! I am thankful for love happiness peace my sound mind my limbs my friends the sun the rain the birds the trees the grass the flowers yummy food and soo much more ..what are you thankful for ?
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My daughter, my job, my house and safe neighborhood, my neighbors, my friends and family, access to entertainment and education, my car because I didn't have one for a long time, my sound mind, my freedom... too many to list 🙏🙏🙏
God level awareness
After listening to this video, I realized that I get it. I'm working on not judging others first, because even the Bible says, 'how come you see the speck in your brother's eye, but you're missing the log in yours" or something like that. And not judging what's going on second, because things just are, they just are. A person just is and a situation is just a situation, you are the one who puts a label on it. For example, my dryer broke, it's not heating. The old me would have been so upset, crying, cursing, getting whinny, blah blah blah... because she'd see it as such a big mess. This new me, the Open-hearted me, the to open-minded me, just sees that is a situation. The dryer is not working, it either needs to be fixed or replaced. That's it. I decided to give it a shot at fixing it first and we're waiting for the part, but before I'd have been also upset because I have to spend money. That obsessive lack mentality the world seems to grab onto. I'm so different now, we even took advantage of the nice weather and dried the clothes outside. So, when you stop judging, you just observe. That phrase "it is what it is", it really is a powerful one. I've been there, I've been using the phrase for a while, knowing it's true, and it really helps 👍
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@Tonya Hubbard update: I fixed it. It was easier than I thought
What is preventing you from going ALL IN on your dreams?
Listen, if you are serious about creating wealth, abundance, and freedom in your life or business, you must be willing to face the truth within yourself. There's a part of you that's deeply scared of stepping into the reality that you want in your heart. You're scared of getting rejected, experiencing failure, and fully committing yourself to your dreams. You're scared of what you'll lose and what you'll have to sacrifice. Your ego has created a long list of negative consequences that come with going ALL IN that's causing you to have one foot in the door and one foot out. If you are not 100% committed to creating your destiny, your ego will always sabotage your plans for you. Your ego will tell you I can't do this and I can't do that and if you listen to these stories you'll create circumstances in your life that keep you from realizing your dreams. Your WHY for creating your dream must overpower your ego's resistance to changing. You must become 100% committed no matter what. You must transcend all perceived lack and limitation in your life and step into the limitless nature of who you truly are. This is an energy that's connected to your higher potential. Nothing can stop you from this place. It doesn't mean that you don't experience fear. It means that you take inspired action anyways because you know what you're truly made of. Are you willing to stop holding yourself back and face your fears full on? Are you willing to give all your heart to your dream or purpose like there's no tomorrow? If you are truly willing, magic is waiting for you on the other side. With love, Jared
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Excellent post. The thorn on my side is covered in fear. I'm determined to expel it completely. I'm not living with it any longer. I know I'm catching up to my destiny, to my promise. Thank you for this 💞💞💞
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@Karen Markum that's why you have to believe in it yourself. Maybe it's not that they didn't believe in the potential, maybe they were jealous and tried to bring you down. Have you thought about that? 🤔🤔🤔
This can absolutely transform your life!
Waking up in the morning is one of the most prime times to reprogram your subconscious mind for deeper connection to your true self and overall fulfillment in life. Your brain is passing through a theta brain wave state where you’re more susceptible to suggestion. A seed is set in the morning everyday that can sprout into any form of a plant possible throughout the day dependent on where you place your attention and therefore energy. If you ever wake up feeling anxious and stressed it’s important not to listen to your thoughts, consume social media, or any information that could pull you further out alignment. The greatest things you can do for yourself immediately upon waking is reconnecting to your sacred heart and the frequency of gratitude for being alive. I promise myself everyday that I won’t leave my bed until I have completely fallen in love with my life no matter what is going on for me externally. I simply set my intention for the day, place it in my sacred heart, and allow it to circulate through my aura by engaging a short series of breath work practices. Lately my intention has been to be an embodiment of unconditional love. I allow this to be a guide throughout my life. I may engage a longer form breath-work / yoga / meditation / journal routine after I get out of my bed but I always ensure that I briefly connect to who I truly am and what I am here for before I get out of bed above all else. Im curious… What is your deepest heart centred intention for yourself right now? How can you connect to this aspect of your being before you get out of bed and allow it to guide you throughout your day? Also are interested in learning a series of alchemical breath-work techniques that I use to expand my consciousness? I would more than love to share 🙏🏾 Let me know below ⬇️ With love as always, Jared
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What you post here is right up my alley! I try to say affnormations and/or affirmations right after I wake up and do a guided meditation since I'm pretty new to meditating. I've seen diverse exercises to do at this time but I would most definitely be interested in seeing your take on this. Thank you!
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@Jared Dunlop looking forward to it!
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