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Unlocking True Vision: The Power of Perception and Awareness
I’m stoked to launch Becoming More Me Episode 160: "How You See Something is Everything - Vision, Perception, New Eyes & Being Seen." This episode dives deep into a topic that has transformed my life, and I can’t wait for you to share it with you! Have you ever noticed how a shift in perspective can completely change your reality? 🌍 It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses and suddenly everything becomes clearer, more vibrant, and full of possibilities. This episode is all about that magical shift, from perspectives that are both figurative and literal. I share my personal reflections on vision and sightedness, and trust me, if you haven’t heard about my Retina Detachment story, this will be truly "eye-opening" (pun intended) 🤦🏻‍♀️. 💫 This episode will inspire you to look at life with new eyes, helping you to overcome personal challenges and embrace a new way of being. And, it’s especially for you if you’re seeking to understand how vision—internal and external—shapes our life experiences. 🌐 Whether you’re looking to feel more connected to your inner self, or simply wanting to see the world through a lens of love and possibility, this conversation will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to transform the way you see the world. 🎧💖 Listen HERE Watch it HERE
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Unlocking True Vision: The Power of Perception and Awareness
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I really love what you share! Thank you for this. Going to hurry and my chores so I can listen & take notes.❤️
New Workshop Drops Wednesday!
Wouldn't it be nice full use PLEASURE To FUEL Your SUCCESS?✨🔥💃🔥✨ ✨ Join me to learn how to Elevate the Pleasure in your Life so that you can Create Next-Level Success that Feels Good with Ease! ✨ I used to live in a paradigm or “Struggle and Strive” and often succumbed to conditioning to resist pleasure but now, if I look back over the last couple of years, I can truly say that breaking through that barrier was actually the the biggest key to increased success, inner peace, and way deeper and more connective relationships, both in my business with clients and collaborators and as a wife and parent. ✨ Knowing how much resistance I used to have to trusting in pleasure and then, what happened as I amplified it in my life (**Spoiler alert, it’s NOT what you’d expect**), I put together a workshop to help you understand why you’ve avoided pleasure and to retrain your mind and body and to allow it to elevate your life and business success! ✨ Excited to Share this with All of You Who Feel Called to Make Success Easier and More Fun! ✨ Comment Below to express interest and I’ll get you the registration 🔗 link! 😘
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New Workshop Drops Wednesday!
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This sounds amazing! YesssssPLEASE. I feel this is exactly what I have been missing.
Great. Thanks.
Embracing Abundance and Authenticity
In this enlightening episode of Becoming More Me, I'm thrilled to welcome the incredible Petia Kolibova as we chat about personal abundance and magnetic living. Petia shares her inspiring journey of returning to her business post-motherhood, navigating the challenges with unapologetic grace and creativity. We discuss the crucial role of community support for women, especially in today's fast-paced world, and how fostering genuine connections can transform our lives. If you're seeking ways to live more authentically and attract abundance effortlessly, this episode is a must-listen! Join us as we explore how to reclaim your power and live aligned with your truest self. 🌟💖 Click HERE
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Embracing Abundance and Authenticity
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Thank you for all you do. As I make my crochet product, I am listening to your podcasts. Thank you for everything ❤️.
HOW I PLAN ADHD STYLE- Planner Sheets!
My Original ADHD Friendly Planning System is Unlocked and ready for You to Customize for Your Own Needs! I'd love to hear your takeaways or questions in the comments below! Just comment PLAN in the comments below and I'll send you the customizable planning sheets that you can begin using right away!
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Free Coaching On Visibility/Vulnerability Blocks This Week Only!
I’ve been getting a lot of messages from members mentioning issues with visibility and/or vulnerability, so I wanted to offer an opportunity to receive coaching on that this week for those who comment below! I also wanted to thank all of you who expressed interest in the free session coaching giveaway from last week! The sessions are underway and I'm so delighted to guide and witness such immense transformation in only an hour! In my life and business, I face visibility and vulnerability myself, each time things significantly grow so I'm no stranger to working with these things to get to the next level. I faced some BIG blocks and anxieties when I shared vulnerable and intimate stories in my book for the first time last year and I remember it hitting me like a ton of bricks when I handed the draft over to my husband so that he could be the first to read it...and then it hit me even harder when I realized that the date was fast approaching that anyone in the world could read it. The writing, publishing, launching, and promoting process each made me face different fears and work on various energetic and subconscious blocks. And so did the personal stories written on the pages. And yet here I am...and this version of Theresa can't imagine what life would be like if I had resisted my own expansion (But I KNOW it would have been more painful than the discomfort of sharing in the face of my fear!). Visibility blocks can come in obvious places, like on social media, at the pool/gym, or with public speaking. They also show up in less obvious places, like feeling blocked when it comes to sharing certain parts of yourself with family/friends or significant others. From the bedroom to boardroom, they can be anywhere...It may be certain things you feel uncomfortable shining a light on and yet deep down, you really want to or need to. There may be fears of what others might think or how they might react and you might be making all of that mean something without ever even doing it. There can be hints of imposter syndrome and perfectionism, too.
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Free Coaching On Visibility/Vulnerability Blocks This Week Only!
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I have a visibility/vulnerability block when it comes to reaching out to my Trans daughter who has just begun remembering some really terrible memories. I want to talk with her and help her through them but I am put off when I reach out to her and she doesn't respond back. My block keeps me from telling her what I want to talk about. It feels like a concrete wall, gray, and I feel it in my first Chakra.
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@Theresa Lear Levine Thank you so much, @Theresa Lear Levine , I am so grateful for you and all that you are sharing here. It really resonates with me. I am looking forward to growing in all way possible & eventually becoming one of your personal clients.
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