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👋 Introduce yourself right here!
This is the introductions thread. Say hi, tell us where you’re from and what your course, membership or group coaching program is all about! In your introduction, answer these 4 questions: ➡️ What is your name (feel free to share pronouns if you’d like)? Your nickname is fine! ➡️ What is your course, group coaching program or membership is all about? ➡️ Why did you choose to have this kind of offer? We'd love to learn your story. ➡️ Tell us something fun: What is your favorite thing to do outside your business? (read personal development books, do yoga 3-5x a week, triathlete etc) We can’t wait to meet you! P.S Remember, you're here to introduce yourself and not to promote your offers. This is all about YOU as a person, a leader and what is it you'd want to be known for or as. Let's celebrate YOU!
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👋 Introduce yourself right here!
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Hello everyone! I am Len. My course is the Create & Automate. I have been in the corporate for so long but right before covid started, I made a decision to explore entrepreneurship and create my own. I was in search for a business model that would enable me to earn but also have more freedom [ we do have this phase as we get more mature :) ] I saw Kassy’s ad and decided to take a leap of faith and enroll. I love going to the movies and I miss traveling. I like dancing, reading and a bit of cooking. I used to do Yoga before until covid hit. Fast forward - here I am excited to collaborate with all of you. I look forward to learning and growing together Cheers to 2024! :)
Coffee Talk: In-person Gathering
Dear Driven & Ambitious Creators, There's something about in person events that makes everything more fruitful, joyful and insightful. I would love to collect your thoughts and also some data in order for us to arrange our in person events and grow the community according to the vision we're co-creating together. Would you mind answer the questions below? 1. Where would you rather have the in person gathering? Makati or BGC area. 2. What day and time would you prefer? Friday after work, 6-9PM, Saturday morning 9AM - 11AM, Saturday Noon 3PM - 5PM, Sunday 9AM - 11Am or Sunday 3PM - 5PM What would be our agenda during the gatherings? - Learn from each other's expertise - Business breakthrough coffee talk - we get to update each other and gain clarity for next steps - Form camaraderie & open opportunities. Again, the goal is for us to be co-architects of the community as we open up towards innovation, ideas and process our entrepreneurial journey. Looking forward to learn what you think!
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Makati or BGC works for me, weekends 🙂
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A seasoned professional with over 16 years of corporate experience. I ventured into entrepreneurship in latter part 2018 and is now working remotely

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