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3 contributions to The 4 Hour AI Workweek
Tuesday June 18th
Good Morning everyone! Time for our daily standup to hold everyone accountable. 1. What did you do yesterday? 2. What will you do today? 3. Is there something you're struggling with? Feel free to leave answers in the comments below👇 Happy Tuesday!
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Tuesday June 18th
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Yesterday I worked on creating AI images and products. Today I will work on getting products listed to sell.
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@Clintin Lyle Kruger I sell on Etsy right now but I'm looking to expand to other platforms soon.
AI for Laundry or Art..?
Previously we thought AI would take the form of robotics and physical machinery to replace blue-collar workers. This meant putting in years of study to become a Lawyer or dedicating countless hours to writing would provide safety in a career offering technical or copywriting. Now, it seems the tables have turned. Being skilled in a trade is earning you more than most white-collar jobs, and the prospect of a creator, entrepreneur, athlete, and builder is looking more promising than ever. What’s your thoughts on this phenomena? And how are you changing your behavior to better prepare for the future?
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AI for Laundry or Art..?
3 likes • Jun 14
I am using AI do my art and writing. It enhances my creativity so that the end product is much better. Using AI this way can help me generate income by selling the end product to consumers. Using AI to wash my laundry may help save me a little time but it will cost me money not make money. Just my 2 cents.
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@Ty Hopkins Hi Ty, what kind of business do you have?
AI for Your Creative Process 🎉
You’re probably underestimating AI’s role in your creative process. Most are doing it wrong. If at all… AI is a creative genius. But how do you amplify creativity and churn out innovative ideas consistently? That's what I'll unveil today. After reading this, you'll know how to use AI as a powerful ally in your creative pursuits. >>> Bookmark This Thread <<< Creativity is a fire that can be fueled by the right tools. This is why even a simple AI tool like ChatGPT can significantly enhance your creative process. Our brains are designed to create and connect ideas. But with AI's capability to process and generate data quickly, you’ll see amazing results. In the next few lines... I'll share key techniques that make leveraging AI for creativity truly impactful. Grab a pen and paper... And get ready to boost your idea generation. Before we proceed, two things: 1. Hit the “Follow” & repost this so more people can learn. 2. Join my Skool community (FREE): [Link in bio] Done? Let’s jump in: 1. Use AI Writing Prompts Great creativity starts not with a "blank page" but with a "prompted start". For instance: Use AI tools to provide thought-provoking prompts that spur your imagination into uncharted territories. This approach captures attention and ideas right away. 2. Engage in Rapid Idea Generation Begin with a broad topic or theme. Let AI quickly brainstorm a list of ideas, concepts, or headlines, expanding your creative horizons effectively. 3. Experiment with AI Image Generation Always focus on visual storytelling. Describe a concept visually to an AI, and use its unique outputs as a springboard for further creative exploration. 4. Leverage AI for Rewriting and Remixing Details matter. Feed AI existing ideas and let it twist them into new perspectives, adding freshness to your concepts. 5. Set Specific Creative Goals Increase your project's depth. Define the theme, tone, and purpose to guide AI’s output towards fulfilling your creative objectives.
New comment May 20
AI for Your Creative Process 🎉
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AI is a great way to generate creative images for books, magazines, and flyers. It also gives appealing product descriptions to help you sell your items easier.
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