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🚀 Create Marketing Emails 100x Faster with AI! 🚀
In this video, I'll show you how to revolutionize your email marketing using AI. Learn how ChatGPT prompt templates can save hours and drastically improve your email campaigns. Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting, these strategies will help you streamline your marketing efforts and focus on what you do best—coaching and growing your business. What You'll Learn in This Video: - How to create high-quality marketing emails in minutes - The benefits of using ChatGPT for email marketing - Step-by-step walkthrough of using AI to enhance your email sequences 🤖 Get Your FREE ChatGPT Email Prompt Template! To make things even easier, I'm offering you a FREE downloadable PDF with the exact ChatGPT prompt templates I use. This template helps you craft effective, high-converting emails quickly and efficiently. 👇 Download the FREE PDF below 👇 Join the MAKEONCE PRO Community If you're serious about launching, building, and scaling your digital coaching business, consider joining MAKEONCE PRO. You'll get access to step-by-step guides, live support, and a locked-in membership price before it goes up. 💡 Join MAKEONCE PRO here > Thank you for watching! If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up, comment below with your thoughts, and share it with your fellow coaches.
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🚀 Create Marketing Emails 100x Faster with AI! 🚀
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Great Video Mike, but i cant find the PDF download link to download. Thanks
Online Coaching Client Generation System
I discuss my goal of acquiring online coaching clients through YouTube and other platforms. I outline the WealthyCoach™ Blueprint, a comprehensive program to help individuals start, build, launch, and scale coaching programs to six and seven figures. I plan to use YouTube ads, organic content, and email marketing to achieve this goal. There's also a step-by-step breakdown of what I covered in the video 👇 🔵 Introduction - Welcome! I'm Mike Gowans, and I'm excited to introduce you to the system we'll be implementing to attract, convert, and deliver online coaching clients. - Our ultimate goal here at MAKEONCE PRO is to help you start, build, and scale your own successful online coaching business. 🔵 Content Strategy - We'll primarily focus on YouTube for our long-form content because it's a platform that aligns well with our audience and personal preferences. - To maximize our reach, we'll use Opus Clip to repurpose these long-form videos into short clips for platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube Shorts. - We'll kick things off by releasing new videos every Tuesday and Friday to establish a strong presence and foster engagement. 🔵 Program Details - Let me introduce you to the Wealthy Coach Blueprint program. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you start, build, launch, and scale your coaching business. - The core of the program is a 21-day journey that covers niche discovery, program layout, system setup, coaching techniques, marketing strategies, and scaling methods. 🔵 Marketing Strategy - We'll leverage a combination of YouTube ads and organic content as our primary marketing channels. - An integrated email list and automation system will ensure immediate and continuous follow-up with your prospects. - We'll create landing pages for both free and paid Skool communities to attract and convert leads effectively. 🔵 Lead Nurturing - Our free Skool community will serve as a nurturing ground where we educate and build trust with potential clients.
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Online Coaching Client Generation System
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Very nice
Interested in knowing what niche everyone is in. I'm in the personal development and productivity :)
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Im in the niche wealth. I help small store owners to promote there products online on FB and Insta as well as lead generation for new employees.
Question about Blueprint
Hi Mike, Ive seen the video with your 9 steps Blueprint. So I tried to create my Blueprint in Miro. My problem is to implement my 9 steps Blueprint according to your blueprint guideline. I understood that yours talks about online coaching. My business is to help small shop/store owners to sell and promote online there stores. I help them creating videos, install Meta Busuiness Manager, Google Tracking, creating converting ads. I know its a lot of stuff. Im struggling to create my 9 steps. Is your blueprint a universal one which fits to most businesses or should I create complete 9 new steps. I mean your first 3 steps like find your Niche, Message creation... is also important in my Blueprint. I hope you can help me. Br Klaus
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Ok Mike ill do it. I will send tomorrow
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@Pom Tutt ok i understood. Thanks for your input.
ChatGPT-4o: Build Your Online Business in a Weekend
Check this out I talk to the wizard and show you how it built my course instantly. Let me know what you think of this and if you want to learn more about it?
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ChatGPT-4o: Build Your Online Business in a Weekend
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Very nice!
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I help small stores to reach people online.

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