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Johnny Lopez
Charlotte, NC
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Bio: Instagram & YouTube channel: @johnnylowpez
Curtis Ray Bizelli
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Bio: Founder, CEO, Publisher, Watchman of The End Times = ™ founded in 2010! Sober 8 Years By The Grace of GOD!!! 🙌
Ntuthuzelo Ngcemu
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Bio: .
Mohammed Jabbar
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Bio: Hi, my name is Mohammed and am from iraq and jose is my favorite influencer!
Oscar Valles
Dallas, Texas
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Bio: Business owner| Student | Tech Enthusiasts | Fashion | Art | Fitness | Self Improvement |
Jesus Alexander
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Bio: I excited learned about anything for my personal development
Andrew Fonte
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Bio: Accounting student hoping to improve my self image through bulking
So Phia
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Bio: "Crafting visual magic as a professional video editor and script sorcerer . From seamless edits to captivating intros.Let's elevate your content game!
James Holder
Atlanta, GA US • INTJ
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Bio: 39y.o. designer/philanthropist. My passion for style comes from a need to effectively express myself despite my introversion. I’m here to learn & lift
Jeffin Mathew
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Bio: Striving for a better life
Emmanuel Dorival
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Bio: Dorem
Vinod Akunuri
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Bio: My name is Vinod Akunuri. I am the Founder & CEO of JumpStart 2 Tech with a mission to help individuals jumpstart their career in tech.
Daniel Gomez
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Bio: My name is Daniel Gomez . Started to work in construction since I was 17 . I dropped out of college searching for a better opportunity
Alexis Perez
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Bio: “Los grandes éxitos, surgen cuando te otorgas a ti mismo la libertad de fallar”
Luis Ceja
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Bio: My name is Luis, I’m here to learn and connect with people who are ambitious and have big goals.
Jason Membreno
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Bio: long island, NY
Michael Lawrence
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Bio: Peace, my name is Michael Lawrence. I'm here to grow, learn, and connect with other like minds and conquer this life.
Geovanny Hernandez
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Bio: Give me the strength to do one more
Miguel Cuautle
New Jersey, USA
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Bio: 19 and a Full-time Student-Athlete. Studying Business Administration, pursuing Accounting. Playing College Volleyball (Setter) Let's Connect!
Jacob M
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Bio: Ready for change
Jeremy Paule
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Bio: 27 from the USA
Keanu Lowndes
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Bio: Looking for a way out the Matrix #BluePill or #RedPill
Jovan Mitchell
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Bio: Looking to make great connections and improve with the people around me!
Jonathan Smith
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Bio: I’m Jonathan Smith, 19 years old, and I actually just dropped out of college to go full time with my business and building my personal brand
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Kenneth Garcia
College Student📚 | Self Improvement Enthusiast 📈

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