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Hi Nice to meet everyone, I am honored to be here. I haven't been able to get through everyone's stories yet but looking forward to reading them. I just turned 47 (yesterday) :-) and my husband and I just decided we want to conceive. We haven't tried (well stopped preventing about a month ago) so I am new to the game. I just know with age we are told many misconceptions we can't do it, which I don't believe. I LOVE natural and holistic medicine so its the only way I'll go and with my own eggs. @Dr Fiona Tassoni what herbs do you suggest to boost fertility and/or egg quality? Do you actually meet with patients? I'd love to start out right doing the best for my body to give it the best chance possible to conceive. Thank you!!!



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    Awesome thank. you soooooo much for all of this. Most of them except Vit E, Myo-I, DHEA and folate, I will get all of these....can I do an overall Vit B supplement for Folate or should I only do folate? I sooooo appreciate you and this group. This is AMAZING you do this and this group!! What a wonderful soul you back to :-). If I conceive I would love to help you in your journey of helping women to educate them on holistic and natural medicine. It's my true passion in life and I would LOVE to give back health, education to humanity.

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    Ok thanks! I should prob get some test...I've had the Dutch test about 8 months ago

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