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IIS Module 3, Video 2
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New comment Jul '23
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10 possible partnerships- big 45! Target audience: Parents of kids with Scoliosis 1. TSC Connect- business and in-person schroth clinic 2. Dr. Derek Lee- parent and chiropractor on FB with group 3. Karena Thek- scoliopilates 4. Cindy Marti- BSPTS schroth method instructor 5. website that sells schroth equipment 6. Dr. Laura Glazebrook- treates scoliosis + pelvic health 7. Tangled in the curves @the_scoliosis_book on IG 8. Megan Vega- @thecurvydpt on IG 9. Dr. Arun Hariharan- scoliosis surgeon at paley institute @orthowitharun on IG 10. @daywithviv on IG- creator of scoliofitness
IIS - Module 3, Video 1
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New comment Aug '23
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I have reached out to family and friends, strangers (mostly via DM on FB after someone joins my group or comments on a post,) and used content to reach my potential customers. Numbers 1-3. The three most popular places my niche hangs out at are: 1. Facebook groups- there are 2-3 main groups of parents with kids who have scoliosis with thousands of members and parents are constantly asking questions because they're scared of what to do next when their child gets diagnosed with scoliosis 2. Instagram 3. Youtube- people are always searching for scoliosis specific exercises likely because they don't have anyone who specializes in it in their area
IIS - Module 2, Video 3
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New comment Aug '23
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@Byron-Noel Sunga also once my 168-vehicle is built you can be an affiliate for my program. Then when these people call 2-3x per week, we can both make money!
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@Jeanette Harris schroth won’t help reverse or improve the scoliosis curve, but it can help with posture and pain. Also lots of elderly with scoliosis also have osteoporosis. I’ve take coursework in Scoliopilates, and it’s awesome!!!! Very similar to schroth!
IIS - Module 2, Video 2
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New comment May '23
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Scoliosis and Schroth Method niche accounts: 1. Hagit Berdishevsky- SSSOL- children and adults 2. Mehan Teed- thescoliotherapist- adults 3. Beth Terranova- online group coaching, adults only 4. Karena Thek- scoliopilates- not schroth but scoliosis specific- online and in-person visits, adults and children 5. TSC connect- the scoliosis collective- one-on-one all ages Most of the influencers in the schroth method niche work with adults needing help with pain and fitness for their scoliosis later in life. Most who work with kids do not do online programs for children, only in-person. I'm hoping this won't be a problem for me because my target audience is children aged 6-20, focusing on marketing to their parents. Not sure if it's a red flag that nobody has created online courses/coaching/membership, etc with parents of children being the focus.
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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Sarah is a 43 year old mother of a 12 year old daughter recently diagnosed with scoliosis. She is married or recently divorced and lives in a rural area. She enjoys watching her daughter play volleyball and participate in cheerleading. She engages in social media on facebook and enjoys commenting on pictures with stories as the caption. She is part of several parent support groups online for parents of kids with scoliosis. She is an emotional buyer. Her greatest fear is that her daughter will have to wear a brace and be made fun of by her peers at school. And her ultimate fear is spinal fusion surgery for her daughter.
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Katie Blanchard
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I’m a physical therapist and I help kids with scoliosis reduce the progression of their curve, get stronger, and gain confidence! Schroth Method PT!💪

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