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Numbers don't matter People do
Celebrating a subscriber milestone is fun but its a vanity metric. When I first started on YouTube I was so worried about how many subscribers I had, how many views I was getting on my videos that I didn't really understand what really mattered. It took me 2 years to realise that it is more important to have an impact in 1 persons life than to get 10 million views. For me this is the most rewarding work I can do. Helping people who want to grow their audience on YouTube and monetize their videos. That is why I started my Skool community because I can really help the new YouTubers by showing them exactly how we make money on YouTube behind the scenes, so they can make extra income and can change their lives. Here's to helping people
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@Sebastian Holle Adding value every step of the way
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@Sebastian Holle
What's your nickname? DC Where you from? Auckland New Zealand Biggest strength? I love training calisthenics and ATG and training others in person Biggest weakness? How to sell online as a coach What is your favorite platform? I say instagram @dc_cordtz What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? How to become an online fitness trainer/coach
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@David Cordtz It is great fun. Do you do any personal training online?
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@David Cordtz I'll DM you for some more details
Instagram Growth Mindset
The Key to grow on Instagram is Mindset. My father started his business at the age of 20 And He was successful at the age of 40 If he had given up at that time, then he wouldn’t be successful at all. So you should have a mindset To be consistent Not just for 1,2 or 3 years But for a decade As it’s a long-term game And the people who are at the top are the ones who have been doing this for years. They didn’t become successful in just 6 or 12 months. They constantly worked on their skills, enhanced them, and reached the top with a positive mindset. See you at the top.🚀
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Good to have a long term mindset
Why are you not growing..
4 habbits that are damaging your account’s reach⬇ ... You wake up You create content You edit content And yet You are at the same place where you started And it’s because You are not analyzing your mistakes. And these are the four things: 1) Not following Short Form Video Formula If you want to go viral, then follow this Structure. HOOK - how will you grab the audience's attention within the first 3 seconds? MESSAGE - Dig deeper at the problem and confirm to the viewer what you hooked them on is a problem. EXAMPLE - Make it tactical, practical & applicable, and Give an example of how they can solve the problem. CTA - What direction do you want the viewer to go? 2) Not Collaborating with Others The best way to go from 0 to 1000 1000 to 10,000 Followers is via Collaboration So start collaborating right now. 3) Not posting enough stories We often focus so much on creating content that we ignore this part. So post at least 3-5 stories every day Sharing Routine Talking about clients' problem Lead Generation Stories 4) Not being Consistent You can’t complain about anything if you are not consistent So be consistent first and then complain :D Follow these four steps and see how your reach skyrocket
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Action without reflection is a waste of time
What's your nickname? Yana Where you from? Philippines Biggest strength? Learner Biggest weakness? Get easily overwhelmed Which content platform is your favourite? Instagram maybe What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? I wanted to learn know I can start and succeed being a contentpreneur as a newbie.
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Welcome Diana
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