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Sprinter day 2
My all nighter worked, I got to finish my video, editing, voiceover and then later today I done the thumbnail. I’ve uploaded it but it’s on private. Tbh it’s not a particularly good video and that’s not me just putting myself down, there’s just not much to it but it did get me familiar with designing thumbnails and editing again so I’m happy about that. I got back out and jogged this morning after a break yesterday. I initially told myself I wouldn’t do it if it was raining but even though it was raining today I still got out there. I love the consistency I’m having, it’s like my body is pushing me to do the things I said I would do and it’s not really a force because I know how good I’ll feel after. Highlights the importance of doing things you enjoy and switching it up sometimes because I use to hate jogging but now I can’t stand the gym so I’ve cancelled my membership and just focussing on this for now. Tomorrow I’ll finish the voice over for the previous video and upload that one on private too while I decide which one to put out first.
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I really admire your consistency and dedication! 🥰 I hate gyms too 😁 they seem so unnatural for my nature - the AC air, all the jogging in one place etc.. I find it much better exercise to play around with children or to run in fresh air like you do! Even though I like jogging I’m not as consistent as you are.. but what I really love is my dancing classes - I wouldn’t skip them for anything in life!!💃 We are all so different, so unique and so beautiful! 😇
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@Ariyah Richards I’ve never tried salsa but would love to try some day! I go Indian dance classes Bharatanatyam style. I used to go belly dancing before but now I’m in love with indian because not only it’s a great workout but it’s a spiritual practice as well so it’s 2 in 1 😁
Sprinter challenge: post 2
Since I started working I find it a bit more difficult to post as often as before:) I’m chanting this Sri yantra mantra and although it’s fun I started feeling bit uncomfortable because I realised that wealth and abundance is not my main goal. Yes, The ego wants many things and it’s great but it’s only because of the distractions of the external world. What I’m seeking is realisation of my purpose.. what I really want is to feel that divine connection with the universe and others, to feel that pure expression of true nature untouched by egos illusions. I guess I need to find a different mantra that helps to connect with higher self.
Sprinter day 6
Anyone else finding it hard to stay consistent? Im keeping up with some things but not necessarily my main goals, or at least not as much as I want to be. Today I was learning more about speaking fluently and confidently because I watched back what I filmed the other day and I looked and sounded nervous. I need to work through recording when my son is home, he’s homeschooled so it’s not really something I can work around.
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I think you are doing great with your work!! And you have done so much already in such short time! If you knew 100% that you would reach your goals eventually would it really matter if it takes a year or two? You would still do everything you can to reach them... I’m procrastinating a lot and I also find it incredibly hard to stay consistent but I still believe in myself and I try not to be too hard on myself 🙈 I’m trying to convince myself that even if I move forward as slowly as tiny turtle my success is still inevitable some day..😁
Sprinter Challenge - Post 8
I'm currently in the identity shifting module and finally was able to practice the exercises there. I found the trauma releasing exercise to be a bit challenging due to all the moving parts and also found myself thinking that I was glad that no one was here to see me because it would look like I had completely lost my freaking mind lol. Sorry for the bluntness but Gavin did say to notice EVERYTHING that comes up, and notice I did. However, I do trust his experience and guidance so that is why I will continue to use that method whenever needed. I would imagine it'll become easier with more practice. In other news, I've already called in for tomorrow so that I can attend both my in-person interviews so my calendar is cleared. Then between those two times, I'll have a phone interview with a third company. I kind of feel bad because my current position is a new one and my boss was very understanding when I called her tonight (of course, she doesn't know the real reason). However, that doesn't change the fact that I'm not getting enough hours there, and I have to take care of myself. My clothes for tomorrow are washed and dried, now hopefully I'll be receiving some offers soon 🤞as well as have an idea of which one I believe I'm most aligned with. To my friends in this community: I'll let you know what unfolds! Things to do tomorrow: Nothing additional, I have a lot going on already.
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I did the trauma releasing exercise too and it was a bit weird in the beginning but then I found it really comforting and relaxing and it helped me release some emotions:) I hope you will find it helpful too:)
Sprinter day 4
It’s half term so haven’t had as much time to do things today. My biggest win was deactivating my Instagram, I’ve found myself staying up late and scrolling endlessly, so I’ve deactivated and deleted the app. It was also leading me to be quite lazy in the mornings and waiting until the last minute to get things done. I haven’t decided how long I’ll keep it deactivated for but I know I needed to take action on this. Tomorrow, as long as my son goes to youth club I’m filming, but if he doesn’t, I’ll at least do a voiceover.
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Congratulations on quitting instagram! I quit all social media years ago and I never regretted, actually it feels so light and so right and never wanted to go back again:)
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