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EMOM… how important is it?
As I’ve progressed (thanks to @Sean Griffin and @Grant Anderson amazing programming) - I’ve noticed it’s harder to level up on the big bells (40kg/44kg/48kg) with 10x10 EMOM. I’m finding I’m sacrificing form to get it done in time. I know @Grant Anderson has said not to worry about time, technique is key- but am I sacrificing the cardio gains (leaning up) if I don’t keep up EMOM? I have a tendency to say “just man up and do it…punk” But, I wanted input from my betters on what my mind set should be as I’m trying to reach and own that 48kg. Thanks!!!!
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@Grant Anderson well, I’ll take that .02 to the bank my friend! Thanks for the input- makes sense
48kg Getup!
After something like 8 months of basically just using the Flagship program I hit my first 48kg getup yesterday and it felt pretty strong. I was skeptical that my smaller 5'9" 168lb frame could actually make it there, but trusted the progressive overload model and kept grinding. @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin if I can do this following a free 4 week cycle from you guys I'm curious what I can accomplish with the Academy. Might have to try it out for a few months.
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Congrats!!! Made it look easy! Where’s the other side though??? 😂😂😂
KBA is LIVE!!!
Guys- if you haven’t yet, you need to get on Kettlebell Academy! @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin have built yet another great platform to help us stay healthy, fit and strong AF - all for a ridiculously low monthly membership (cheaper than any gym membership I’ve ever had!). The content on the Academy App is insane!!! Do yourselves a favor and take your KB journey to the next level(s)! **This sounds a little like a paid promo, lol- but it’s not- I’m just stoked for the platform and want to make sure all the guys here putting in the work know about it!
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@Ian Liskay heck ya! 💪🏻💪🏻
Milestone Bell
Okay- it’s been a minute since I’ve posted- but I’ve been going thru the flagship program now for 6 months. It is just what I do now- and I’m still loving it! I had never used KBs for training, and coming off elbow surgery- I started small and humble at 16kg GU/20kg Swings. I’m now needing to buy my first 48kg bell to start working it in on my heavy swings!! 👀👀💪🏻💪🏻. I’ve been looking forward to this day - but now I’m left with a dilemma (a fun dilemma). WHAT 48KG BELL DO I BUY??? I want something special to commemorate the occasion- I have mostly all Rogue bells and a few Lifeline (Amazon) bells. So I thought I’d ask the community of big boys @Grant Anderson @Sean Griffin @Tom Kortegaard @Bas De ruyter @Rhys Evans @David Hall @Nathan Visser @Nate Dye @Jacob Nuesser - what should I get???
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@John Carruthers just stay consistent. Time flies and you’ll be there before you know it!
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@Anthony DeCusatis I bought a 36kg and 40kg off Amazon. Lifeline is the brand, they seem to be just a nice as my Rogue bells for a lot less.
Trust the Process
44kg/97lb Getup today. Slow march towards 48kg continues. Still have things that I'm working on, but awesome to continue the progress.
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Great job!!! Just around the corner!!!
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