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A FREE community for Catholic men who want to practice what they preach πŸ’ͺ

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Community of Catholic men who are serious about their fitness goals and have invested in learning more about fitness, mindset, and Faith.

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Is there training on how to convert a free community to an LTO?
Have a very engaged Free Community, but I'm trying to funnel that into an LTO, but don't know the best process. Is there training in the Classroom section on this? Thanks!
Jan 27Β 
What is your favorite software application that's helped you manage your leads (CRM)?
I use Notion, but I've also heard of a lot of people using ClickUp. Let me know what you think!
New comment Jan 28
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@Mischa Million That's sick, never heard of Airtable so that you for sharing. I'm definitley going to check it out!
Hello guys ! I love the name contentpreneurship. I love creating. I love writing. And I'm here to start selling my knowledge and transforme people's lives. What's your nickname? Alex Where you from? France Biggest strength? I can create new concepts to explain and sell Biggest weakness? Indecision Which content platform is your favourite? Twitter What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Help me start with a niche, find a niche.
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Welcome, Alex! Finding a niche can definitley be tough, I used to struggle with that for sure..What are you most passionate about in life?
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@Alexis Santin You could maybe teach people the basics of bitcoin, and build a community for people to discuss updates and modern trends with bitcoint. You could something similar with tennis too, where people post their form and it gets feedback from other members. You could have a paid option too for more personal coaching :) Hope that helps!
Jan 23Β 
Skool Image Size
Hi there, I'm getting ready to start my first Skool community and I want to make the most of my 14-day trial. So I'm doing a lot of the work before hand so I can just drop and load my initial content on day one. Can someone share the image size requirements for the Skool course and homepage thumbnails and community homepage main image?
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Hi TJ! I think it tells you. If you go to Settings for your group and go to "General," it will show you the pixel sizes for the Icon and Cover. And then when you are building courses, you can go to edit course and it will show you the pixel size for the thumbnail πŸ‘ I recommend using Canva Pro for making cool images/covers. Hope this helps!
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@T J Haha yess, I'm addicted to Canva honestly πŸ˜… I use it for things I don't need to use it for lol. Ok sweet, yeah once you make it, it guides you. Good luck!
Hello everyone! :)
What's your nickname? My nickname was 'Jinky' up until I was 5 yrs old and when I moved from Philippines to Canada, my uncle said my family would have to stop calling me that or else I would be teased at school. So now friends and family call me Jen/Jenny. Where you from? Made in Philippines, currently reside in Vancouver, Canada Biggest strength? Positive attitude...I LOVE life, my passion for helping others through Holistic Health & Wellness Biggest weakness? Procrastination, Introvert/shyness Which content platform is your favourite? Facebook but I'd like to learn more about other platforms What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Niche, Signature program and funnel to get clients
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Hey Jennifer! I'm also a health and wellness coach :) Glad to connect!
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