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Recommendation: You all are amazing
Thank you all for what I have learned. Life is not always what we expect. I wish that I could continue with this team. I have 2 very ill siblings in town which now requires most of my time. I am stepping way to help them and hopefully write another Nodder Book during this time. You are all brilliant in what you know and the manner in which you teach. (I can say this as I was an educator for a very long time!) You offer so much to those of us who know so little, except the huge desire to sell what we have created! I hope one day my face will reappear to learn more from you. Warm regards, Tina Huggins! @Scott Cunningham @Jenni Waldrop @Kurian Tharakan @Simon Trafford @Kim Reirson
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We'll miss you @Tina Huggins and we're thinking about you and your family. It's never too late to sell something, but family is once in a lifetime ❤️
4 questions to get you more sales...
There are many reasons why you don’t get enough sales with your store… And the best way to find out why is to ask yourself the following questions: 1. Is your copy hitting home on your customers’ pain points and problems? 2. Is your messaging from ad to product page to email flow congruent? 3. Did you use all TBIF attributes on your product pages? If your answer was ‘yes’ to everything above, let me ask you something that 99% forget: 4. Are you getting the right kind of traffic? You see… Many merchants make the mistake of thinking they just need enough traffic to make more sales… But the truth is, you need the right kind of traffic. Everything else is like trying to sell ice cream in Antarctica. Sure, some crazy dude will eventually buy a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough… But getting that sale is much harder compared to selling ice cream to tourists in Italy. Traffic is as much about quality as it is about quantity. You have to figure out where your ideal customers hang out and what’s happening in their lives… So you can stop them in their scrolls and make them go see what you’re offering. Want to learn how to do it? Click here to book a quick chat & we’ll show you a proven way to grow your store without the guesswork.
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So today I was on insta, and an ad caught my attention. I clicked, and the website said, "Shop Fall 2023"...And here's the thing, I was excited about this ad. It takes a lot to get me to just click on something. Seeing such a broad heading right when I got to the site "Shop Fall 2023" was actually really disappointing for me as a shopper. Here I was, thinking I was gonna buy the cutest sweater on the planet, and now you're telling me I have to find it AND I don't even know anything about your brand...Do I want to spend the TIME to find it?? This little incident is the most PERFECT illustration of @Scott Cunningham's point. And it's happened to all of us. Tell your customers WHY you're different. Tell them why they can't get what you have anywhere else. Because a website that's really exciting just keeps the energy going when I click an ad. Here's a website Scott helped with that just feels so much more EXCITING...It makes me want to keep scrolling. It gets me exciting about the product. This is what I love seeing when I shop! ❤️
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@Dee Williams GREAT question! Short answer: no -- a website is like your secret weapon. A landing page is something you do when you want to test a single product or offer. One thing we always notice about Clare's stats is that MORE people visit her website than her landing page! It's vital for a establishing her as a trustworthy company. Start with a website. Nail down your messaging. Make everyone understand why your products are DIFFERENT and why they need to shop with YOU. Then, only after your website has at least a 2% conversion rate, should you think about a landing page.
Fun Game Time - Follow Thread + Discount Codes
Hey everyone! Thanks to @Clare Duggan and @Dee Williams for the suggestion -- they want to do a post where you can share your socials (so we can all follow each other -- Pinterest in particular 😍) And while you're at it, if you have a discount code for everyone in the Free Merchant Mastery community (can you say EARLY XMAS SHOPPING?!? 🥳) Please feel free to share that too! So, suggested format (just copy this bit) ⬇️ ⬇️ Tell use what you sell (and why you're different than other shops like yours!) Website - [ ] Social 1 - [ link ] Social 2 - [ link ] Discount Code - [ code ]
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SUGGESTED FORMAT (copy and paste this then edit it for your shop!) Tell use what you sell (and why you're different than other shops like yours!) Website - [ ] Social 1 - [ link ] Social 2 - [ link ] Discount Code - [ code ]
Pinterest Help
Help, I am working on the Pinterest Bootcamp and I am trying to move my boards around. However, every time I move them, It deletes them. What am I doing wrong It didn't do that before. @Jenni Waldrop
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@Shelly Steavens hmm I've never seen this issue before. I would say don't move them at all if this is happening. You may need to contact Pinterest support, but while you wait for them to get back to you, just keep your boards where they are so they stay put! It won't make or break your traffic if they're not in the perfect order.
Don’t risk winging it this this Black Friday/Cyber Monday
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@Ingrid Nederpelt It's in the calendar! Check here:
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