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Hello! Welcome to our Merchant Mastery Skool community. The goal of this Skool is to help Shopify Store Owners scale their online stores with proven strategies. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Replay Vault - Work with Merchant Mastery To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your Name 2. Your business and who you sell to 3. What you are currently focused on for your store! See you in the community!
New comment Jan 16
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@Austin Blaed Awesome brand! I love your waxed canvas totes!
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@Christine Hickling welcome!
Manually Suppressing Profiles
@Kim Reirson I'm creating a segment to manually suppress profiles. Is the second part of the definition correct? I don't see the "if someone is or is not suppressed" filer. Thanks a bunch!
New comment Dec '23
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@Kim Reirson So is this correct? I have over 300 ppl in this one 😮
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@Kim Reirson Bummer, I was hoping this one was wrong, ha! Thank you!!
To credit or not to credit? That is the question…
Hello fellow shop owners. Like it or not, my shop has a 7 day return policy (from the time received not ordered) for full refund or 14 day policy for store credit. It’s on our website and in stores. A customer purchased an item through an ad and received it on Sept 11th. Today, October 26th, this person is upset bc the recipient doesn’t use the item and wants to return it. She says a store credit is fine with her. Even if I had a 30 day return policy she’d be way past the time. Would love your feedback on how you would handle this situation.
New comment Nov '23
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I actually had a women ask for a different size once that was outside of the shipping return policy. I said you're outside of the return policy, however, we're offering you a rare 48hr 35% discount if you'd like to order another one. She actually came and back and bought multiple items, so you never know?
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@Ashley Hayes yea I hear ya. I've been there. Good luck!
Fun Game Time - Follow Thread + Discount Codes
Hey everyone! Thanks to @Clare Duggan and @Dee Williams for the suggestion -- they want to do a post where you can share your socials (so we can all follow each other -- Pinterest in particular 😍) And while you're at it, if you have a discount code for everyone in the Free Merchant Mastery community (can you say EARLY XMAS SHOPPING?!? 🥳) Please feel free to share that too! So, suggested format (just copy this bit) ⬇️ ⬇️ Tell use what you sell (and why you're different than other shops like yours!) Website - [ ] Social 1 - [ link ] Social 2 - [ link ] Discount Code - [ code ]
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@Dee Williams That's incredible. We were meant to be linked 🙃
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@Nihan Ardor YES! I moved up by Alum Creek 2 years ago after I sold my house downtown (Harrison West). Do you have a brick & mortar?
🤖 The second installment to our Bootcamp series is here!
This 5-day AI-Powered Shopify Store Bootcamp kicks off May 1st. And will be hosted by our very own @Scott Cunningham and Dan Jordan This is an exciting opportunity to learn how to leverage AI prompts to enhance your store's positioning and learn EXACTLY where to use all of these valuable assets on your home page and product page. Here’s what you’ll get in this 5-day experience: - Day 1: Win your customers attention and trigger action - Day 2: Refine your unique selling propositions with AI - Day 3: Elevate your Shopify pages with AI-powered copy - Day 4: Learn the exact winning hierarchy of content you need for your home and product pages. - Day 5: Live Q&A with both coaches This is a unique opportunity to utilize one of the most powerful and advanced tools yet, AI. If you're interested in joining the Bootcamp, register here! Once you register, you must accept the new invitation for Skool to unlock the course.
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Hi @Dawson Wallace I believe I signed up for this through MME, but it's saying I don't have access. How can I get access? Ty!
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