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How I got 6.5x faster at editing
You can literally hack your video editing speed. It used to take me 3 hours to edit a high quality video, now it takes me 25 minutes. Here's 5 plugins I use to do so: (I cut and do sound design in Premiere and I edit in After Effects. All of these are After Effects plugins.) - Animation Composer (Paid): Animate layers and text without keyframes - AE Juice (Paid): Presets and stock video within after effects - KEase (Free): Automatically ease your keyframes and copy and paste easing. You can even save your custom eases in here. I use this for zooms. - AtomX (Paid): Presets, I mainly use this for transitions. (basically AE Juice, but higher quality.) - Motion Tools Pro (Free): Sequence your keyframes and quickly adjust your anchor point. Lots more but that's what I use it for. Here's an example of a video I edited using these plugins: Happy editing everyone 🙂
Andreas Hasel
Stephen G. Pope
Paul Cowen
Bronson Wilson
Sean Mize
New comment Sep 28
Help with Descript
When I have a clip in descript and when I make a cut. Then I move the next bit in the frame the first clip seems to be linked and it moves to where I moved the other clip to. How can I unlink the 2 clips so that I can move the other without affecting the first clip? (I have spent about an hour trying to work without any luck!) I want to move the person on the right to the left that is green-screened to the left on the next clip.
Stephen G. Pope
Josh Sumich
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
Paul Cowen
New comment Sep 20
  • 1 like • Sep 8
    If you hold command and hit + or - you zoom into the timeline. If you cut and that is weird it’s behaving that way. And it’s doing that, maybe in the text editor section, at that pat maybe split it there with “/“ to make a new clip edit as well right at that word? Might fix that.
  • 1 like • Sep 8
    @Josh Sumich good to hear!
Hands down, Fastest way to add B-Roll (stock footage)
... and make shorts out of longer-form videos. Chat GPT Code I used: # Prompt for Assistant ## Objective: Cut down the provided video transcript into a single, short Instagram reel under 60 seconds. ## Rules: 1. Do NOT add any new text. 2. Do NOT alter any existing words (e.g., no pluralizing, no changing spelling). 3. Only cut down what exists in the original transcript. ## Instructions: - Consolidate the idea or ideas in the transcript for an Instagram reel aimed for under 60 seconds. - Strictly adhere to the rules. No exceptions.
Tega D
Erin Pope
Bradley Osborne
Mauricio Roa
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
New comment Sep 20
Free Or Paid Content Decisions
Ok i'm seeing here that there is gamification courses and looks like paid courses (i think high ticket i saw in a video) i was originally thinking of doing that. but i just can't figure out what i'm going to do. here's some help i need 1. even if i wanted to copy this system, how the heck does one just buy into the paid part? that's lost on me on both ends as a person building a skool and part of this one. 2. how does one choose what they offer that is free vs paid? 3. i was also thinking, giving people everything 12 courses and 20 creator tools, for $99/month (so good they'd be a fool to turn it down type of thinking) but what do other people think of that (nothing is free)
Jude Young
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
Francis Waldecker
Erin Pope
Stephen G. Pope
New comment Jul 12
  • 2 likes • Jul 12
    @Jude Young yeah I’m familiar with Skool but for me, with this community, I don’t understand anything other than the community. Nil, The whole classroom section is too confusing for me to look at it 😬 I use the community to warm up understanding here and over time I’ll figure it out. Just feel like I’m this is beginner mode community then jumps to advanced for classroom.
  • 3 likes • Jul 12
    @Stephen G. Pope I'm very happy to be here! I've already learned alot, and really hope to contribute equally! Thank you!
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