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In the dimly lit basement of an old brownstone, hidden behind a nondescript door, lay the GOAT JOAT's SPEAKEASY. Step inside for friendly conversation


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How I'm Using Skool to Replace my Bookmark Bar
Hello All, I just wrote an article on Medium detailing how I'm using Skool as my new bookmark bar. In short, I'm ditching the bookmarks bar and creating community comments to catalog and store different lists of links. Here is the full write-up: Bye-Bye Bookmarks Hello Community Curated Conversation
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@Mike Morales Thanks Mike. I got to be on the ball with the time I have.
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I'm already up to 90 comments/ bookmarks in that thread alone. So I'm interested to see where it goes as well. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. I'll try to come back later on and give a follow up story.
Feat Request: Paste an Image into Chat Directly w/ ctrl + V
Say you want to just COPY and PASTE a picture into chat without having to first save, and then upload a file. Even better, a feature on my computer in Windows 10 which lets me crop part of my screen and send it in about two seconds. Being able to paste an image directly into chat could really speed up communications, especially as pictures say a thousand words. This makes the difference between me actually choosing to share a VERY efficient high-context bits of information in chat rapidly (such power in images and screenshots), or not, because it's not just the time... then you also have to deal with the extra file on your computer, etc. ________________________________________________ How to implement this properly: Please give people the ability to (1) add text and (2) (more importantly) look at it the image in their window before sending the chat. This will help people look at what they are about to send in the context of chat window, and decide if they really want to send that first. This is really similar to a number of other mainstream chat applications that operate on desktop, and it's pretty much clutter-free. _________________________________________________ & Big Picture Comment: I think we'll need to get these groups and notifications more organized somehow (especially for power-users / people in multiple groups for high growth), as well. I do think focusing on somehow organizing groups and notifications and chats for such power-users should take priority, but I'm not personally having too many issues at the moment.
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Will we ever be able to use CTRL + V to paste screenshots taken on PC? I specifically want to be able to past an image from my clipboard on my PC.
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@Griffin A. Hamilton Thank you Griffin and I agree that there are probably other priorities at the moment. I just wanted to notate that I have this request as well. Honestly, it is the only complaint I have about Skool I have at the moment. For now I'll just get around this by pasting screenshots into a Notion page or a Medium article and sharing a link to that. It will just be nice to have everything centralized in one location eventually. Thank you for your feedback.
Finally knocked Hormozi off the 30 day leaderboard!
Ok it’s only by 1 point but it’s fun. And I am sure it won’t be for much longer lol… 😎💪🔥 Hope I was able to help today a bit, I started making Loom video replies over typing I think that’s nicer. …sorry I wasn’t around as much today / tonight for those waking up in the UK! …been a bit busy setting up my own group, it is free to join and we are experimenting with a Pay-As-You-Want payment model at the end of each month to help determine the set monthly price. 💰💸 Have a great day in the USA time zones 🇺🇸 …good night from New Zealand 💤 🇳🇿
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@Danny Mallinder They are going well :) I've made some adjustments and I like the direction everything is going in.
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@Danny Mallinder Thank you Danny. You are amazing.
Ability to paste screenshots from clipboard in posts
Hi, I noticed it's not possible to copy an image into a post from the clipboard on Mac. I have to insert an image into a post by going through the attach process. Would be awesome if you could paste a screenshot into a post without having to manually save a screenshot and go through the process manually adding an image as an attachment.
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Do you use a specific tool to accomplish this? I'm on windows and the native Snipping Tool doesn't appear to have that feature.
Scam Accounts?
Hello All, Is there an established process to vet or report potentially harmful scam accounts? I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater or harm a legitimate account, but I would like a way to report these accounts as potentially harmful phishing attempts. I have noticed an uptick in accounts with new accounts with messages like this in their bio.
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@Danny Mallinder To you as well and thanks for the heads up.
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@Erika Kulpina Thank you Erika. Is emailing the best way to report these accounts in the future?
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