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I've been using the femometer Ivy LH testing strips and have gotten a peak result for 5 days in a row (days 10-14). I'm not sure what to think of that - is it bad? Does that given me more chances to get pregnant? I've been ovulating early (according to my test strips and BBT) for the past few months and having short periods (23-25 days). I'm 45 and fear my hormones are out of whack. I'm doing acupuncture and taking herbs hoping it will help but this LH surge for 5 days is confusing to me.



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    Thank you. I suppose I may need to get quantitative test strips to know the peak of the surge? I'm still 6-7 days with what looks like an LH peak (according to my test strips), but obviously don't know numbers.

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    Thank you. I'll look into Mira. Do you recommend the Ovucore sensor for detecting ovulation? My previous acupuncturist did and I purchased it, but am concerned now about things like EMF with a sensor inside of me.

I am planning to get tested for the MTHFR gene mutation. Is it worth it to get tested for COMT too?



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    Thank you. I don't really have any of those issues that I know about (not sure about estrogen dominance but in the past I have had low progesterone so if that is still the case I suppose I would be estrogen dominant?). And not totally sure what kind of period problems to look for. I tend to have light periods.

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    @Dr Fiona Tassoni Thank you. I do have irregular periods but definitely not heavy periods and not much of the other issues.

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