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What is preventing you from going ALL IN on your dreams?
Listen, if you are serious about creating wealth, abundance, and freedom in your life or business, you must be willing to face the truth within yourself. There's a part of you that's deeply scared of stepping into the reality that you want in your heart. You're scared of getting rejected, experiencing failure, and fully committing yourself to your dreams. You're scared of what you'll lose and what you'll have to sacrifice. Your ego has created a long list of negative consequences that come with going ALL IN that's causing you to have one foot in the door and one foot out. If you are not 100% committed to creating your destiny, your ego will always sabotage your plans for you. Your ego will tell you I can't do this and I can't do that and if you listen to these stories you'll create circumstances in your life that keep you from realizing your dreams. Your WHY for creating your dream must overpower your ego's resistance to changing. You must become 100% committed no matter what. You must transcend all perceived lack and limitation in your life and step into the limitless nature of who you truly are. This is an energy that's connected to your higher potential. Nothing can stop you from this place. It doesn't mean that you don't experience fear. It means that you take inspired action anyways because you know what you're truly made of. Are you willing to stop holding yourself back and face your fears full on? Are you willing to give all your heart to your dream or purpose like there's no tomorrow? If you are truly willing, magic is waiting for you on the other side. With love, Jared
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@Deanna Moore This is gold right here! Taking small steps everyday and over time you start building momentum and deeper confidence in yourself. Thank you for sharing!
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@Karen Markum A part of my being is deeply scared of my own success as well. It's totally normal to feel that way. However, you have the opportunity to transcend this fear by taking inpsired action in the direction of your purpose or destiny anyways. The fear is only meant to guide you in this manner.
This can absolutely transform your life!
Waking up in the morning is one of the most prime times to reprogram your subconscious mind for deeper connection to your true self and overall fulfillment in life. Your brain is passing through a theta brain wave state where you’re more susceptible to suggestion. A seed is set in the morning everyday that can sprout into any form of a plant possible throughout the day dependent on where you place your attention and therefore energy. If you ever wake up feeling anxious and stressed it’s important not to listen to your thoughts, consume social media, or any information that could pull you further out alignment. The greatest things you can do for yourself immediately upon waking is reconnecting to your sacred heart and the frequency of gratitude for being alive. I promise myself everyday that I won’t leave my bed until I have completely fallen in love with my life no matter what is going on for me externally. I simply set my intention for the day, place it in my sacred heart, and allow it to circulate through my aura by engaging a short series of breath work practices. Lately my intention has been to be an embodiment of unconditional love. I allow this to be a guide throughout my life. I may engage a longer form breath-work / yoga / meditation / journal routine after I get out of my bed but I always ensure that I briefly connect to who I truly am and what I am here for before I get out of bed above all else. Im curious… What is your deepest heart centred intention for yourself right now? How can you connect to this aspect of your being before you get out of bed and allow it to guide you throughout your day? Also are interested in learning a series of alchemical breath-work techniques that I use to expand my consciousness? I would more than love to share 🙏🏾 Let me know below ⬇️ With love as always, Jared
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@Maggie Alfaro That’s amazing! I will make another post (or video) on this in the near future 🙏🏾
Why procrastination isn’t your problem
I speak to many people who believe that procrastination is blocking them from achieving success in their business or personal arenas of life. And when I ask them why they’re procrastinating they say: “I can’t seem to find the motivation” Or “I don’t have the time” But they often don’t realize that these are only surface level excuses covering up the root of their problem. Procrastination is not the ROOT it’s a SYMPTOM. If you take care of a symptom without addressing the root then the pattern persists. The reality is that all procrastination is rooted in FEAR. Let’s take starting a business as an example… The question to ask is: What are you scared of as a result of taking action? Because if you truly believed that we’re good enough to create a successful business then why wouldn’t you take action? If you truly believed that there’s no such thing as failure than why wouldn't you take action? If you truly believed that you could handle being successful then why wouldn’t you take action? The reason why you’re procrastinating is because you fear what would happen if you took action. Fear of not being capable… Fear of failing… Fear of not having capacity… Fear of success… The more that you procrastinate the more that you feed energy into the reality of these fears being true. When you release the internal resistance (fear) that you feel to taking action then you have no reason but to take action. The reason why our clients experience profound shifts in confidence, productivity and success in their business and personal lives is because they release their procrastination at the root. This is where you can step fully into your greatness with no limitation. If you don’t already know me - my name is Jared and I’m a Coach and Healer with Gavin Speaks. Feel free to reach out if have any questions. With love, Jared 🙏🏾
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@Maggie Alfaro let fear be you best friend and show you where your higher potential lies. You got this 🙏🏾
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@Tammy Dunahoo your welcome glad it was helpful 🙏🏾
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What's Up Thrivers! Welcome to the Thrive law of attraction Skool. This skool aims to help Conscious Manifesters manifest a fulfilling life & business by mastering their thoughts. Start by following the steps below: - Step 1 - Claim Your Free Alchemy Energy Reading - Step 2 - Receive Important Updates (Your Energy Reading & More) Click > #Save To Your Phone - Step 3 - Check Out Our Amazing Testimonials - Step 4 - Here's The Gavin Speaks Team @Jared Dunlop @Treva Gage - Step 5 - FREE Courses & Training - Step 6 - Our Live Workshop Calendar - Step 7 - Roadmap - Step 8 - Mission - Step 9 - Resources To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What you're currently focused on manifesting See you in the comments!
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@Tamara Melvin welcome Tamara! It was a pleasure to speak with you! Looking forward to your life and business success to come 🙏🏾
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@Tamara Melvin Your welcome! I am receiving your kind words with an open heart. 🙏🏾
Welcome Everyone!
I am a transformational coach and energy healer and facilitate onboarding for Gavin's alchemy coaching program. I personally have been working closely with Gavin and Jayden over the past year and a half and my life has transformed in many magical ways. I originally came to know Gavin by investing in his program with a desire to manifest the laptop lifestyle and help other people transform their lives throughout the process. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to help Gavin and Jayden with their business and have been able to quit my 9-5 job, move to Mexico, and step deeper into my purpose on Earth as a result. Over the past year and a half, I have spoken to over 500 people about manifesting their dreams and desires, and wanted to share with you some of the major blocks that I have noticed people come across in their attempt to do so. 1. People are attempting to manifest from their ego instead of the heart. Your ego is the servant NOT the driver. We are designed to manifest directly from the heart space. This is where our soul resides and how we magnetize things into our lives. Everything is filtered through your conditioning, trauma, and limiting beliefs when you're manifesting from your ego and therefore the desire to manifest is almost ALWAYS coming from a place of lack and limitation (and that’s what you end up receiving). Whereas when you're manifesting from the heart you are being guided by a higher power that has no lack or limitation therefore from a place of unconditional love and deep fulfillment. The aim is to start living from the heart space and manifesting directly from there. 2. Wounded heart space = less energy to create your destiny! We have all been through trauma, hardship, and setback in our lives (and so have our ancestors who pass this down to us). All of this energy gets trapped within the heart space when unresolved which creates a layer of protection around the abundance, freedom, purpose, and truth that wants to shine through the heart of who we are. Naturally, we aren't able to access the energy needed to create what we truly desire when our heart is wounded and living in a state of protection. Healing the heart raises our vibration and expands our energy to the point that manifestation becomes natural and easy.
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