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Flag Ship Program & Workout Journal
Taking a cue from a few other members, I will use this to report on and track my progress in the Four Week Flagship Program. Today is Week 1, Day 1 Kettlebell weight 15lbs - I only have a 15lbs bell, so I will go with what I have until I get my next weight size. Starter 3 Rounds Kettlebell Deadlift 5 Pushup Walkup 5/5 - These kicked my butt; I need to work on upper body strength. Goblet Squat 5 KB Deadbug 5/5 - I really enjoyed these. 2H Swings 10 x 10 - I need to work on my form and focus on my breathing. Getups 5 x 1/1 - I need to work on my form. It also didn't help that my puppies ran all over me like I was a jungle gym when I was on the ground. - I will probably spend a day breaking the Getup down into its parts. I'm left-handed, and sometimes my coordination is off, especially when I start on my right side, so I might have to start on my left side. - I found my coordination was better coming down than getting up. Finisher I love the press. Going from a GS to the press was smooth, like buttah! I hated the side planks, they kicked my butt, and I ended up skipping them, opting for a GS to Halo instead.
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Today I did three rounds of: 15 2h Swings 10 Cleans 5L/5R Press 5L/5R Reverse lunges 5 Deadlifts
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Today I did 5 minute EMOM 1-handed swings 12 kg 5 minute EMOM 2-handed swings 16 kg 5 minute EMOM Gorilla Rows 12/16 kg switch each minute I tried to do 5 mine EMOM mixed weight double cleans to a L/R reverse lung. I did one, and the body said, “Not today.” At least I tried.
Hello - My Name is Jim
Where are you from? Just North of Kansas City, Missouri What's your nickname? When I was a young Army Officer, my platoon gave me the nickname Dancing Bear. Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Still waiting - I am greener than green and just starting from scratch. Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? I will let you know -haha What do you need immediate help with inside this community? Support and expertise in all areas. I am here to lose weight, get fit, and learn a new exercise and nutrition regimen for life.
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Introduce Yourself! (Start Here - Please Read 👀)
Welcome to the Free KT Community! You are now entering a hidden oasis on the internet for busy guys who want to get strong with kettlebells the simple way. Here's EXACTLY what to do first: Step 1: Introduce yourself HERE using this Copy/Paste Template (copy these questions and paste them into your post): Where are you from? What's your nickname? Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? What do you need immediate help with inside this community? Step 2: Learn how to unlock everything by reading this. Step 3: Comment below with a GIF (you'll get points when people like your GIF!) ------ Best practices in this community: - Try to level up quickly by commenting and posting your insights in the community - Hit 'Like' 👍 on every helpful post or comment you see to help others level up. - Be kind. - If you ever get stuck, feel overwhelmed, are not sure what 'next step' to take, just ask the community ------ Group Rules: 1) No Self Promotion 2) No Selling in the DM's 3) No Spamming the Community Feed
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@Joe Feuille I grew up in the 24! Nice to meet another El Pasoan in the group!
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@Brandon Whisonant Welcome!
Kettlebell alternatives to push-up, planks, and burpees?
I’m trying to figure out alternatives to push-ups, planks, and burpees. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and these are a no-go for me. I can do elevated push-ups and downward facing dog, but any other variation of these aggravates my nerve. Whenever these come up in the Flag Ship program I either skip them or do Halos. I’d like some variety, so I thought I’d ask for some suggestions.
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@Michael Nørgaard When I tuck my chin I can feel discomfort in the area.
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@Michael Nørgaard that is a really good question. Let me talk to my Chiro about that. I haven’t seen him in a few months, and this would be a good time for a visit.
1st workout of 4wk program in the books
Been doing a lot of Brett Jones’ Iron Cardio protocol, but was neglecting my swings & gets ups so I’m giving this a go. Mobility warmup Swings - 28kg Getup - 24kg Finished with double 24kg marches & gorilla rows Heaviest bell I currently own is a 32kg I which I know I’m good to swing with, but want to do this program to dial in my form. Once complete, I plan to run this program with single-arm swings to get the form better.
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@Mark Lush For sure, but surprisingly doable! I’ve been able to do two rounds of get ups with it, with lots of rest between rounds.
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@Mark Lush Sounds like you made the right choice!
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