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Hello everybody! To get the ball rolling, let's see how spread out is our community around the World in this new platform!



Monica Abdurehaman
Luis Mota
Tiago Malachias
Lukas Stolarski
François Lips
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    Hello! Born and raised in Michigan until moving to the west coast. Living in Los Angeles for almost 10 years now!

My name is Jake, and I'm very excited to join this community with you all. I grew up in Michigan and have worked in Los Angeles for almost ten years as an editor and digital artist. After watching all the breakdowns included with the Blu-ray, Cloverfield was the movie that interested me in VFX after finishing college/university. As an AE user initially, I've forced myself not to use it for the past three years as I continue to learn more about node-based compositing. I can't wait to grow (and level up) alongside one another. What made you interested in VFX? Thank you!



Mazharul Islam Shuvo
Pedro Andrade
Jake Keller
Nina Blaauwbroek
Serhii Savenko
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    @Mazharul Islam Shuvo That's great to hear you learned so much and I'm sure we've all touched some, if not all of the resources you listed, haha. It's nice to hear that your relationship helped push you to pursue your goal.

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    Thank you, @Pedro Andrade ! One small step to build up for big wins in the future! 🏆

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Los Angeles

Hello! I work as a conform editor for TV. I'm interested in compositing and the latest technology updates related to the entertainment industry.

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