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EMOM… how important is it?
As I’ve progressed (thanks to @Sean Griffin and @Grant Anderson amazing programming) - I’ve noticed it’s harder to level up on the big bells (40kg/44kg/48kg) with 10x10 EMOM. I’m finding I’m sacrificing form to get it done in time. I know @Grant Anderson has said not to worry about time, technique is key- but am I sacrificing the cardio gains (leaning up) if I don’t keep up EMOM? I have a tendency to say “just man up and do it…punk” But, I wanted input from my betters on what my mind set should be as I’m trying to reach and own that 48kg. Thanks!!!!
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Great question and input. If you want to keep a pace, maybe start on the really heavy ones by doing E2O2?
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Ok now I have a question. Are those 14 and 16 rep weeks ( so 14/16 swings 10 times) or 10 swings 14/16 times? Or does it matter?
48kg Getup!
After something like 8 months of basically just using the Flagship program I hit my first 48kg getup yesterday and it felt pretty strong. I was skeptical that my smaller 5'9" 168lb frame could actually make it there, but trusted the progressive overload model and kept grinding. @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin if I can do this following a free 4 week cycle from you guys I'm curious what I can accomplish with the Academy. Might have to try it out for a few months.
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🎉🎉 Def come over to the academy, the water’s warm!
KBA is LIVE!!!
Guys- if you haven’t yet, you need to get on Kettlebell Academy! @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin have built yet another great platform to help us stay healthy, fit and strong AF - all for a ridiculously low monthly membership (cheaper than any gym membership I’ve ever had!). The content on the Academy App is insane!!! Do yourselves a favor and take your KB journey to the next level(s)! **This sounds a little like a paid promo, lol- but it’s not- I’m just stoked for the platform and want to make sure all the guys here putting in the work know about it!
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See you there guys!
Hey KB Fam, just wanted to post and ask about tips for my swings and maybe other members also want to have feedback? Feel free to comment with your own video of you performing 💪🏻 maybe @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin could also give me some feedback? Thx a lot 🙏🏻
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Great start. Looks like you might need to go up in weight. That bell seems so light that you can easily stop it mid-swing and set it down. You may also want to step back from the bell a bit at the beginning to really make sure you are swinging the bell. You start over it, almost as if you are about to deadlift it. Step back another step and then you’ll be forced to swing the bell back under your legs to start. Lastly, to really get the hang of the swing and make sure you are swinging it - as opposed to muscling it up - try a towel swing. There is a video on here in the videos section on the towel swing, I’ll drop the link next. Good luck!
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Anyone running a 3day heavy/medium/light routine? Traditional 4 day flagship program?
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I built a 3 day 6week program based on some swing and TGU PRs that were posted. Have been sticking to that for a solid 6 months now.
1 like • Jan 2 See this thread You can also do flagship as a 3 day a week program. I think @Grant Anderson once mentioned you can do it 4/ week or you can treat it as sequential and do it 2/, 3/ etc.
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