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finally came back to me
Finally, the cards sent to PSA came back to me. It turned out a little worse than I thought, but it's not bad for the first time, although I have mixed feelings because the Charizard case came back with a crack. I'm still considering pikachu, it looks very clean to me, the centering is just a bit poor. I don't understand lugia and gengar either, lugia looks much worse and there's only a 1 grade difference
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finally came back to me
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Thanks for sharing! I don't have enough cards worth grading yet, so I'm still waiting for my first time. Can I ask you how you sent it, via 3rd party or via pa psa themselves? And how many cards did you grade for how much money in the end? Thanks!
🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
Last week I heard that Pokemon Japan has ordered a new print run of Pokemon Card 151 and that it will be restocked at stores in May. Great news! Prices on cardmarket seem to have dropped below €150 per box and I'm guessing when this reprint hits Europe prices will drop more. I'm hoping for a ton of product, and a good sign is that for the first time since 2020, Japan’s Pokemon Center website is selling booster boxes of recent sets without major restrictions. Hopefully they have finally increased their production output. I will definitely invest in this set and get quite a few boxes as soon as the price is right. Even if a lot of boxes hit the market, you can't really go wrong with this one I feel (if you get in at the right price). What about you guys? Did you already invest in some sealed boxes? If not, will you?
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🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
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@Dominik Kubala This is only when buying them not-shrinked I'd assume? Or can you really buy them that cheap from Japan with shrink wrap? If so.. where? ;D
Hi, my name is Henk, I'm located in The Netherlands. My favorite card in my collection is the Starmie TG. I just started collecting due to some video's triggering my nostalgia. Hoping to mostly invest in sealed, and start collecting with my son.
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Past week or so I've been trying to get around 3 BBs for each newer set, a few Lost Origin ETBs due to the BBs being a bit too expensive, and Paldean Fates & Crown Zenith ETBs due to not having BBs. So my initial investment is as follows: SWSH 11x CRZ ETB (Ripped 1) 2x Silver Tempest BB (still want 1 more) 5x LOR ETB S&V 3x S&V Base BB 3x Paradox Rift BB 3x Obsidian Flames BB 5x Paldea Evolved BB 5x Paldean Fates ETB Seeing as my budget as initial investment is running low, and I will "only" spend like 200e/m on new investments, I'm holding off on 151, Temporal Forces and Twilight Masquerade. I think I'll have enough time in the coming 6 months to buy those at the same-ish price. That's why I got some extra Paldea Evolved, since I think time is running out on getting em for 110ish. Also really want the third Silver Tempest BB, but it's getting rather hard to get a good deal on them. Also, I feel like I'm a bit late to go further back into SWSH like Lost Origin, Astral Radiance, Brilliant Stars etc. That's pretty pricy to stock up on. As I said, just starting, so I want to be diversified asap.
Cardmarket Price Tracker
Use this Google sheet to track the value of your single/sealed Pokemon collection automatically based on live Cardmarket prices. It's 100% free, easy to use, works for any product on Cardmarket, and saves a ton of time. 👉 How to set up your own sheet in 5 minutes: 1. Join the PokeCard Investing community (it's free). 2. Go to the classroom of this community, follow the video instructions. 3. Track your collection effortlessly from now on 👌. I spent a TON of time building this sheet for myself and I'm now sharing it with you guys. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve it!
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Cardmarket Price Tracker
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@Jesse Kroon I've changed it to this, which works: =IMPORTXML(E4; "//*[@id='tabContent-info']/div/div[1]/div/div[2]/dl/dd[7]") Where we need to select the first div, instead of the second in the second level.
Tracking your (most likely) losses when RIPPING
So, like any other good investor, I sometimes rip open a box or ETB. How would you add this to your tracking sheet? For example, when buying 5 ETBs of Crown Zenith I'd add 1 row of 5 boxes for e40,-. When I open 1, I no longer have 5, but I did spend that 40 euro, and I have some new cards to add. Would you add the cards with an avg of the money spent on the etb? So if you'd have 5 hits, you'd add those hits with a cost of 8 euro per card. This makes sure you still have your costs in sight, and you can remove the ETB from the sealed? Curious how you'd solve this. I want to make sure my spending reflects correctly.
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Just starting investing in Pokémon for a small part of my portfolio, for diversification purposes. Mostly in ETFs and a little crypto.

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