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A community for natural healing with direct mentorship and courses. Become a Certified Iridologist & Detoxification Counselor today!


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LT Members get everything HT Clients get, except for 1 thing.
⚠️ WARNING: This post my change how you run your Skool communities... I see a lot of people here struggling to grow their Skool communities and grow their MRR because they're withholding GOLDEN information from their free community members and LT members. Look: I make between $50,000 - $100,000/month on Skool and I give my free Skool community members and LT members access to all the same course materials my HT members get. I mean, why would I withhold information from them if I want them to succeed? Makes no sense. Which is why... My LT members ($49/month) get access to: 1) The same Skool community my HT clients are in. 2) The same course materials my HT clients get. 3) The same links and resources my HT have access to. 4) The same invites to workshops my HT receive. 5) The same emails my HT clients open. 6) And yes... even the same group zoom coaching calls my HT attend! So then... what do my HT clients get that my LT don't get? Great question! Here it is: Just 1 thing, and 1 thing only. "P R O X I M I T Y" Our HT clients get closer proximity to me & my team so we can help them implement on all the info we've given them for free. Our HT clients are able to work directly (1 on 1) with me & my team on Zoom for faster results. Yes, they COULD do it all alone, but they'd rather do it with us. And because we give our LT & free community all our BEST info for free... It makes it SO EASY for them to decide to work with us. Here's my ethos around this: Give people all of the instructions they need to succeed on their own, and then offer to help them implement on it so they don't have to do it alone. Here's a perfect story to illustrate why this works: I recently ordered a stand up desk on Amazon. When it arrived, I opened the box and saw the 50 pieces I had to put together. I was instantly overwhelmed and wanted to call a handyman for help. But because I'm in Mexico, my Spanish es no bueno, and I don't know who to call, I decided to go for it myself.
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This is the key piece for me to actively figure out. The difference between HT and LT I still tend to show up way too much to my LT I think and don't highlight the direct work with me in HT Thanks Ted!
Alex Hormozi + Skool = $$$$$
"I just made the biggest investment of my life" coming from Hormozi means a lot! What's going to happen next? 👀 Where do you think Skool should spend the investment money from Hormozi? Skool is already damn near perfect... not sure how they're going to improve it from here!
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Marking messages unread
Hello! I would love the feature ability on the app to read a private message and then be able to make it as "unread" so that I can come back to it! Thank you!
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe @Sam Ovens @Ted Carr
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe yay thank you!!!
Skool takeover!
Welp! SKOOL is officially on the rise!!! I just intended to type the word "school" and I wrote "Skool"! 😜😝🫶🏻
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@Kuba Misiek 😝😝😝
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@Ted Carr I'd get a matching tattoo with you 😋
Course issue
Hi all! Does anyone know why all of the sudden (as of this morning) some of my Courses/modules are not available in my drop-down menu to give access to newly joining students?? I made a little video to show the difference in options from a new student today vs older student drop-down menu options and what they have access to. Thoughts please?
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe okay, I will explore that! Thank you kindly Sid!
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Hey Sid! Unfortunately the issue is still standing and I can't find the remedy!
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