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How to price your SMMA
Hello again i got some more free value I made a pricing framework on how to price your SMMA services COMMENT BELOW and il send it to you. just comment below if you want it. IF YOU WANT MORE FREE VALUE PLEASE COMMENT BELOW SOME IDEAS
Lukas Hines
Manuel Ojeda
Can Arkun
Josh Hogard
Isoft Ware
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Hi there could you send it im interested?
🎉 Welcome (Important Information!)
First and foremost, a big warm welcome! I can't wait to see what you'll be able to accomplish here! I've recorded an important video for you to review. It covers exactly how to get the most out of this community. Here's what I cover: - Community - Classroom - Calendar - Points, rewards, and leaderboards - Prices 🫵 IMPORTANT: No promotions or job postings allowed! Don't advertise products or services here, not in public or in DMs. Even indirect ways are forbidden. This will get you permanently banned without warning. I'll be looking forward to seeing all your introduction posts and videos! Let's connect, learn, improve, win, and make some real good money here! Let's go 🚀🚀 PS: Leave a comment below, introduce yourself and share a picture of your workspace to complete the action & get points! 💪💪 PPS: If you like the course & community, feel free to leave your review here: ❤️
Complete action
Max Perzon
Syed Ghazi
Fabian van Delft
Kiara Brown
Daniel Morel
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Hi everyone, I'm a 14 yr old SMMA owner and I've been working on my SMMA quite hard for the past 4 months.
Started outreach 💪💪💪
I've been working on my outreach for far too long but that I'm in monk mode I've been making more progress than ever. I hope my outreach will go well and that I can soon share my first client!!!
Fady Milad
Billy Cannon
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Now over 5k+ month
Most recurring Revenue came through and made over 5k+ this month hopefully more in the next few months. As always keep grinding and if you got any questions, comment or message me
Izzy S
Lukas Hines
Syed Ghazi
Venkat Maddala
Shehbaz Sarkaria
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@Lukas Hines What kind of outreach do you do?
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@Lukas Hines Nice!
Looking for a sales role play partner
Hey everyone ! My name is Uday Rajak owner of agency - Talent Buzz I am looking for a sales role play partner to practice sales with. If anyone is interested DM me
Guus Gelderblom
Youssef Guirguess
Venkat Maddala
Mani Shah
Tanjil Islam
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@Mani Shah
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@Tanjil Islam
Greetings everyone. I trust that you are all well. Can somebody please help me with how I can reach out to Facebook to get my ad account reinstated?
Guus Gelderblom
Youssef Guirguess
Andile Mthembu
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I've had this as well, they do it quickly. I believe there's a button somewhere there in which you can confirm your identity by a screenshot or something, mostly fixed within 2 days.
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@Andile Mthembu Try on another browser maybe?
How to fulfill?
Quick question, i got this week my first two clients and i now need to figure the fulfillment. Are there snapshots available for GHL? Im from the Netherlands btw
Youssef Guirguess
Soeber Hamoud
Williams Louis
Guus Gelderblom
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I'd advise you check fiverr or upwork to find a media buyer, or learn it yourself but that takes a lot of time.
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@Soeber Hamoud I'm dutch as well just search " Nederlandse service (bv google ads of Facebook ads)"
is anyone from india ? please let me know i have some doubts
Priyam Chhaparia
Siddheshwar Jadhav
Saksham Dongardive
Guus Gelderblom
Yash Kurmavanshi
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A lot of people her are from India.
How to make your SMMA Offer stand out in the market!
I've been reading Alex Hormozi's book 100M$ Offers, I've found how helpful it is to make outstanding offers which helped me make mine, If you want me to share how to make your own outstanding offers just comment so I can send it over! (I'll send over Obsidian notes) Stay on the grind boys 💪
Hasif Faruk
Qusay Mohsen
Johnny Lavene
Guus Gelderblom
Yash Kurmavanshi
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Not interested but the 100 Million dollar offers book is very good!
HOW TO CRAFT YOUR OFFER (For beginners or experienced SMMA OWNERS)
i got a doc about crafting an offer for your smma as per usually comment below and il pm you PLEASE GIVE ME SOME MORE IDEAS FOR SOME MORE FREE VALUE as per usually its a framework I'm not here to raise you, you need to use your brain, if you have questions comment below as well.
Lukas Hines
Fred Xu
Bob Khatr
Ansh Pagare
Alexander Braun
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Hi Lukas, could you send it I'm interested. Starting outreach next week and I think I've got the prices and costs but just wanted to check!
Contract needed?
Do you really need a contract to sign clients or are most people okay with simply paying?
Sascha Janetschek
Lukas Hines
Guus Gelderblom
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@Sascha Janetschek I will be trying to build a good relation with my clients. Can you specify more on if something goes sideways, I've got the garranty and the terms to get it.
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@Sascha Janetschek Yeah I've got that, just in a nutshell the agreement and when the agreement will be voided.
Another Win 3k+
im 17 btw still in school this stuff isnt hard as long as you use a bit a critical thinking.
Izzy S
Lukas Hines
Matt Matloka
Hanad Mohamed
Dev Ww
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4 Clients
I want to make an update on my recent post. I have now got 4 clients paying me $2000 p/m since starting and fully taken action. Never did I ever think this would be a possibility. with resilience and consistency anything Is possible. My goal still stands. Lets go! #15clientsbefore1stJanuary
Eldor Elmurodov
Adil Ahmed
Kavin Prabhu
Faizan Ali
Dev Ww
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Nice man, when did you start?
100k in 120 days!
Started our business back on May 12th as a SMMA agency and after a few pivots and adjustments, we’ve hit $100k cash collected at the 119 day mark! Much gratitude to @Max Perzon on inspiring my business partner and I to go down this journey and giving us the tools to build this amazing business from the ground up. Looking forward to seeing what the next week will bring, have a great weekend everyone! edit: Since I've had a few inquiries, yes I'm happy to connect and provide some guidance and support for people starting with their journey.
Mena Saweres
Javon Cardinale
Guus Gelderblom
Dev Ww
Jason Liu
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Hey man, Was wondering how you estimate your cost, is it like x% profit and x% spending on ads or?
If you need a custom email such as "" or whatever then I'v got this killer website for you. When I tried to get a custom email for my business I searched all over the internet for a good and reliable one. I've now found one named I believe you can also get website etc there and when buying an email domain you get a rather professional email hub with it (like gmail you get a website in which you can see all you emails etc) I'd suggest to check it out when starting!
Guus Gelderblom
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