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Milestone Bell
Okay- it’s been a minute since I’ve posted- but I’ve been going thru the flagship program now for 6 months. It is just what I do now- and I’m still loving it! I had never used KBs for training, and coming off elbow surgery- I started small and humble at 16kg GU/20kg Swings. I’m now needing to buy my first 48kg bell to start working it in on my heavy swings!! 👀👀💪🏻💪🏻. I’ve been looking forward to this day - but now I’m left with a dilemma (a fun dilemma). WHAT 48KG BELL DO I BUY??? I want something special to commemorate the occasion- I have mostly all Rogue bells and a few Lifeline (Amazon) bells. So I thought I’d ask the community of big boys @Grant Anderson @Sean Griffin @Tom Kortegaard @Bas De ruyter @Rhys Evans @David Hall @Nathan Visser @Nate Dye @Jacob Nuesser - what should I get???
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Did you grab one yet @Joshua Ihle ?
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@Joshua Ihle Rogue, Kettlebell Kings, Great Lakes Girya 👊
Where to go fro here?
Looking for advice/reccomendations. Finished the 4 week flagship today! Using 53lb KB as medium and 70lb KB as heavy. Wondering if I should keep scaling up in volume with the same bells or move up in weight and starting the flagship over? 160 swings @ 16 swings EMOM for 10 mins w/ 53# felt good. (6 out of 10 if 10 is Max effort). 100 swings w/ 2 medium and 8 Heavy also a 6 out of 10. Get ups w/ the 70# feel good. Also considering including an additional movement into the flow (cleans or snatches). End goal is to get lean. Tracking MACROS and calorie intake. Lost 10lbs in the first 2 weeks, but the weight loss Plato’d since. Appreciate any insight/perspective. Thank you Jeff
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Have something coming out soon that you'll really love @Jeff Davis ...... stay tuned
Trust the Process
44kg/97lb Getup today. Slow march towards 48kg continues. Still have things that I'm working on, but awesome to continue the progress.
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Fit for the Holidays - Encouragement Group - Intro thread & Week 1
This thread is for guys who want to participate in a 4-week encouragement/accountability group. *Fit for the Holidays* is a group for guys who want to make progress or resist losing progress in their training with bells for the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Set your own goals and criteria for success, share what you want to share, and encourage one another. The challenge starts Monday, Nov 27. Let’s go! For the intro thread, answer the following questions: 1. VISION: What is your Vision or your “Why” for the next 4 weeks of training? 2. GOALS: What are the 1 or 2 concrete goals that would define success for the next 4 weeks? 3. ACTIONS: What actions, interventions, or plans will you implement over the next 4 weeks to achieve your goals?  4. BACKGROUND: Give a brief bio of yourself in 3-4 sentences.  See my first comment for an example.
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@Jake Olson you can usually make 8kg jumps on swings (8-12 weeks) - 4kg jumps are usually better for getups
Swing Secrets ... what have I been waiting for?!
Hey guys, I joined this group a few months ago... have been away for a couple of weeks due to an injury and am jumping back in. I'm planning to restart the flagship program after Thanksgiving. Anyways, getting back into the ;) *swing* of things, I decided to finally watch the "Swing Secrets" series in the classroom. Maaaan I've been missing some amazing content there. If you've been doing swings, and think you've got it all down, you may find that you still have a bit to learn. I'm going to be working on the stuff I learned in there tonight for the next month or more. I encourage you to open up that folder and watch the videos... probably only 10 minutes total, but each minute has a really important concept that helped me understand swings a ton more. Thanks @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin for putting this content out there.
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Glad you are using them @Jake Olson !
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