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Hi, is it possible to create membership on skool? with recurring payments and different levels, I am interested that certain members can access some meetings or courses while others not (depending on their level). Is there a tutorial about it?



Nick Guadagnoli
Giuseppe Ferranti
New comment Mar 26
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    @Nick Guadagnoli i mean i normal giving differentcorces or events avatiables depending on the membership level

Hi, i was thinking that can be nice for my community that some of them can create events meetings on the calendar where others students can join is it possible?in case not is possible to add this feature in future?



Nick Guadagnoli
Ted Carr
Brenzen Zettl
Giuseppe Ferranti
New comment Mar 9
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    @Nick Guadagnoli i am pffering a monthly zoom meeting but would be nice if some of them can also schedule some events in the calendar ( like a zoom meeting for go more in depth in some topic and hrlp eachother ) Of cource giving this power just a some member that have spent more with us and higher level

Hi, i have a 2 community, one in english and one in italian and so i wanna that they don t see each other for don t create too much confusion (they have different cources and differentcalendar events and posts). Is it possible having these 2 business with one single billing one skool? o must pay 2 time as i have 2 online community?



Rafael Cadaval
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Giuseppe Ferranti
Samuel Snead
New comment Feb 18
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    @Rafael Cadaval ok is it gonna be 2 differents billing as the groups are differents

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