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  • Gina Matteo
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    Bio: I teach ambitious soul-centered women to rediscover their authentic-self & take inspired action to manifest a fulfilling & aligned dream life!
  • Alessia Paolella
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    Bio: I’m a pediatrcian expert in breastfeed. I’m in love with travelling exploring and see how beautiful and magic can be the world 🌍
  • Zoya Khawaja
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    Bio: hi! i’m a wellness enthusiast, budding stock investor and an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Helen Samarskaya
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    Bio: Marketing and content creator
  • Dennis Jones
    Phoenix, Arizona
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    Bio: Extraordinary Real Estate Broker, Founder of R.A.R.E. Agents, Author of 62 Tips for Real Estate Professionals, and Creator of The RARE Agent CRM.
  • Shopify Start
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    Bio: College student. Eager to make money
  • Zahirah Mahammad
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    Bio: A woman determined to win!
  • Claudia Moreira
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    Bio: Holistic lifestyle.
  • San Saetern
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    Bio: currently in transportation and is working on becoming a full time entrepreneur. I’m interested in networking and building multiple streams of income.
  • Sean Mason
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    Bio: Investor that loves Real Estate.
  • Tre Goodrum
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    Bio: Na
  • Juan Rivera
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    Bio: Entrepreneur
  • Jenell Butler
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    Bio: Virtual Assistant Digital Marketer
  • Dana Armstead
    Houston Texas
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    Bio: 27 Year in Network Marketing #marykay I'm looking for New WINNERS to Join My Team+ 5 Years as a Financial Educator. I'm looking to Network & Support
  • Selena Barber
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  • Dominique Mccoy
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    Bio: .
  • Zahirah Mahammad
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    Bio: Ecom and stylist!
  • Nicole Forde
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    Bio: CEO/Owner of several online businesses
  • Tichina Mables
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  • Alejo Benitez
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    Bio: Interested in personal credit as well as business credit. I enjoy investing and studying crypto
  • Tanika Green
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    Bio: Interested in Real Estate, Event Space personal credit and business structure and trading.
  • Leilani Soon
    Hawai’i • ENFJ
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    Bio: Aloha Rad ʻOhana, I’m Leilani from Hawai’i. I’m a professional dancer, pageant queen, former flight attendant, and ran for State Senate last year ♥️
  • Donald Pittman
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    Bio: Always willing to help. Past lives, Mtg broker, FHA/VA, R/ E investor, Chef, Loan officer, mtg processor, Engineer, CFP. Inst. airline fed.
  • Nehemie Romage
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    Bio: Let’s build together
  • Sophie Shish
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    Bio: Hello! I am a pediatric occupational therapist by day and also a content creator! I mainly focus on fashion & style! 🫶
  • Lucia Friedrich
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    Bio: <3
  • Bibi Kupe
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    Bio: Midwife
  • Melissa Kelley
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    Bio: I girl bossed too hard and now looking for my corporate exit strategy. I am a doodle mom passionate about helping others build healthy relationships.
  • Bailey Guyton
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    Bio: creative, jewelry designer, lover of the arts.
  • Miriam Paul
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    Bio: Hello! I'm Miriam, I have an online digital products shop & I love growing and learning more about business so I'm very glad to be here! <3
Giulia Guerrieri

New York, NY • ENFJ

I help female entrepreneurs manifest their dream life by taking inspired action to build their own online business. IG: @iamgiuliaguerrieri

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