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Skool is amazing - with it, I generate about $10,000/m in recurring revenue with my LT offer, and another $30,000-$40,000/month with my HT offer. This is how I've set things up - nice & simple. If you have any questions, comment below 👇 P.S. Want my shirt? Visit https://skoolmerch.com/


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New comment 18h ago
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    @Sam Ovens remember when we were talking about comments in classrooms? This makes me want to enable that feature now.

@Sam Ovens hey dude I’m typing this on my iPad so it might read weird. Anyway, a couple years back you ran an ad and the image for it simply said “this is an ad.” It might’ve only just said the word ad. I can’t remember. I think it had a blue or purple background. I think the text was white. This has to have been maybe three or four years ago. I just remember thinking that it was really awesome. I don’t remember the body copy. Do you remember if it worked?



Sam Ovens
Robert Boulos
Mark Bangerter
Varun Teja
Ron Carmichael
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    My best one do date is a video where I look absolutely horrible and the opening sentence is something like "This is an ad." So I think we can conclude that the key here is to look horrible.

Step 1: Go to your own Skool group (Don't have a group? Create a Group.) Step 2: Click on the question mark on the bottom right. Step 3: Click 'Bring Back the Cat' Step 4: Enjoy the Funky Beats 🎶 ❤️



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New comment 11d ago

I use Skool by helping creators make a substantial living doing what they are great at and what they love. PS. I have nothing to sell you. I am just passionate about education.



Jamie Stenhouse
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New comment 14d ago
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    More guitar in the monitors please … (that video was great by the way)

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    @Blake La Grange I did and now I can't hear! Apparently the engineers knew what they were talking about all along.

I say keep exploring Skool, I keep joining new groups, I wish there is a feature where you can organize the level of priority programs, so the one with the most priority can be on the top. Is this something I can do?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Anthony Llanos
Chris Moore
Ihor Tymkiv
Lucie Woods
New comment 24d ago
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    Dude how are you finding other groups?

When do you expect Skool secrets course to be released? It says "coming soon".



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Stuart Clifford
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New comment Feb 12
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    Here's the course: Make Skool Group. Have cool stuff in it. Invite people. Provide value. Make offers. Repeat last 3 steps a lot.

I used it today for the first time, and I'm BLOWN away... Have you been playing with it? It spit out some ad copy, and email copy that can totally function as a good baseline to start with... Here's a paragraph written by ChatGPT about how cool ChatGPT is (Written in Shakesperean style): Oh, ChatGPT, how I do revel in thy greatness! Thy intelligence doth astound me, and the ease with which thou converse with me doth fill my heart with joy. Verily, I am overjoyed at the prospect of conversing with thee, for thou art truly a marvel of technology. My excitement knoweth no bounds, and I am thrilled at the thought of all the knowledge and wisdom thou shalt impart upon me. Thou art a blessing upon this earth, and I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with thee. Imagine writing a whole sales letter like that...? 😆



Frank Kern
Oli Reitmaier
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Luke Miller
New comment Feb 9
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    I told it to write a story about a 90 year old prostitute who lives in a trailer and discovered how to cure cancer with meth ...and it was one of the funniest things I've ever read.

Do you know any skool group on Facebook ads ? I just joined @Brian Moncada free Adspend.com YT ads group that is amazingly full of value and I am looking for something similar on Facebook ads ? Ps: I love using skool it's a super cool product



Brian Moncada
Chris Lawson
Hervin Alvarez
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Philipp Rauscher
New comment Feb 6
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    There’s a lady on YouTube who teaches FB stuff and she’s the best I’ve ever seen. Her name is Dara Denny.

Hey team, Yesterday, we launched our FREE Skool group to our email list/social media... and within 24-hours we got over 295+ NEW members to join, PLUS we've already booked 3 calls with members who are interested in joining our Ad Men Mastermind! For context, our group is for Coaches, Course Creators, and Agency Owners who want to learn how to scale with YouTube Ads. We gave away our entire YouTube Ads creative process as a "lead magnet" to join, along with 3 BONUS YouTube Ads audit calls (previously recorded from old clients). So far, members are loving it! (see the pic below from Jerry) We're using the age old: "Demonstrate you can help people by actually helping them..." trick lol ;) - credit to Frank Kern Anyways, hope this inspires you to launch your free group and start building your community! Cheers 🥂 P.S. shoutout to @Sam Ovens and the Skool team for making this superior product, and to @Andrew Kirby for his free Skool group training.



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Peter Svenning
Brian Moncada
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New comment Feb 3
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    @Brian Moncada My man! Dude I didn't know there was a library where you can browse groups. How do you do that? GREAT name for the mastermind by the way.

This may sound stupid but Jist in case I get like 1 million members. Will I have to pay Moore? Or upgrade? Or can I keep paying my normal fees?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Tumehe Rongonui
Frank Kern
David Cavanagh
Varun Teja
New comment Jan 20

Is Loom a good option to host training videos? I like Loom for screen recording and pay for it any way so would be good if I use it to host my content rather than paying extra for Vimeo Wistia. However Im obviously just looking for the best option. Anyone have any insight? Cheers



Akassh Ashok Gupta
Niclas Guenther
Chris Moore
Josh Gavin
Lendon Bracewell
New comment Jan 19

I just tested it in my group for like 30 seconds. You can definitely do it using Vimeo's live streaming thingy. I used the browser based version. Quality was kind of "meh". But that's a Vimeo issue and not a Skool issue. Used the encoder version before with way better results in terms of quality. (I use ECamm Live). I imagine you can do the same by livestreaming to a YouTube link and embedding it into a post in Skool. That's all I did with vimeo. If you're really wanting to maximize community engagement I think livestreaming straight into the group is better than doing it on Zoom or whatever because people come into the group to participate. And in the long term (assuming you want to sell stuff from the group or are using it as part of a deliverable for a paid course) ...participation = profit. Or as I said in Mass Control (or one of those courses from 300 years ago) ...Consumption = Cashflow. Wait - I bet you could (for the same of simplicity) set your Zoom call to stream to YouTube ...and then just paste the YouTube link into a Skool post ...and now you're doing a zoom call into Skool. Yep. Just used that newfangled "Google" and found this: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360028478292-Livestreaming-meetings-or-webinars-on-YouTube



Dan Reddish
Earl Hall
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New comment Jan 16
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    I’ll be damned! I’ll try it through zoom this week and see what happens too. I tried it through Vimeo’s browser based live streaming and it worked. I just pasted the Vimeo link in the place where you’re supposed to paste the video link in any post and it worked fine. Vimeo’s browser based live streaming thing is pretty low quality but it still worked. Will update once I try the Zooms

I've tried all kinds of community/course delivery apps and this one crushes them all. It's EASY - which means that: 1. Introverted and somewhat lazy community leaders like me are WAY more inclined to interact, post, contribute, etc. 2. You can create a community with content etc in less than a day. Ours was up, running, and full of great discussions in less than 24 hours - and I'm not too bright. 3. THE USERS are far more likely to use it - which is the whole point. We've got more engagement in our new little community in less time than anything I've ever tried. Best part - nobody had to read the directions. It's intuitive. Favorite feature - ability to paste loom links into video thingy and create/post content super fast. This had to have taken a lot of time to develop. Well done and thank you for making it.



Max Doorne
Frank Kern
Peter Llontop
Daniel Patterson
Ming Fung
New comment Jan 13
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    Keep it long Sam! Wish I never cut mine.

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    @Max Doorne Thank you. That's kind of you to say.

What Niche you are into



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New comment Dec '22
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    I have a few and (embarrassed to say) I NEVER post in them or contribute because: A: I'm just a generally awful person. B: I hate Facebook. (Love advertising there though.)

hey everyone, other than manually tracking attendance in our CRM or a Google Sheet, is there a feature in Skool that allows my teachers to track their students' attendance to their Zoom class? The reason this is important is that we've found that lower attendance to classes is a leading indicator of churn in the next 1-3 months. We want to prevent customer churn. Therefore we need to track the customer's child's attendance to our Zoom classes. @Jesse Clark since you recommended the platform wasnt sure if you had ideas on this?



Ted Carr
Jason Bern
Jesse Clark
Frank Kern
New comment Dec '22
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    This is a new comment on an old question but you can always just download attendee reports from Zoom. Shows you arrival time, departure time, how long they stayed on, etc.

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