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Module 5 - Video 1 Homework!
Put your homework below for Module 5!
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I help people with Dysautonomia and complex medical conditions move from pain to purpose. Pain/frustrations: 1. Don't feel seen by providers 2. Lost in Medical management 3. Overwhelming symptoms 4. Too much poor information out there 5. Fatigue physically and emotionally 6. Frustrated with pain Fears/implications 1. I am never going to function normally again 2. I will never be able to hold a job to be financially stable or contribute to family 3. I will never travel easily 4. How can I have kids like this? Or how can I raise my kids like this? 5. Not sure who to trust 6. I will be in pain forever Goal/desires: 1. Feel understood 2. Feel confident in medical system and direction of treatment 3. Feel in control of my body 4. Know where to go for information 5. Gain more energy and confidence 6. Control symptoms and pain Dreams/Aspirations: 1. Be able to go out with friends without fear or anxiety! 2. Go on hikes / experience physical activity without fear or anxiety 3. Have job security 4. Travel to unpredictable locations and feel like you can adapt 5. Have kids or raise a family 6. Trust in my medical team 7. Symptom freedom and control @Greg Todd I would love your personal feedback on this given your journey if you feel comfortable doing so.
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Part two of above is this.... I educate and guide health care providers looking to integrate deep health principles with their clients. Pains / Frustrations: 1. Not enough time in treatment sessions 2. Not sure how to organize into current sessions 3. Not sure how to educate their clients well enough 4. Know it is important but don't know enough to teach 5. Not supported by employer Worries and Fears: 1. I don't know enough 2. How do I put this into practice? 3. What if I don't look the part? 4. What if I don't do these things? 5. I won't be able to get everything done that I need to for clients Goals: 1. Maximize / prioritize ways to help my clients in the time I have 2. Organize this information to show my knowledge and help people with implementation 3. Learn how to educate clients in ways that will make a difference 4. Learn teaching / education / implementation strategies 5. Show employer the benefit of this information Dreams: 1. Be a stand out provider in my area / job 2. Put this into practice seamlessly with multiple client types 3. Learn how to help myself at the same time to improve my health 4. Learn teaching strategies and new language to enhance myself as an educator 5. Learn how to prioritize systems and options for your clients (how to identify and focus on big rocks)
Triumph Thursday
Hey SSHC fam! 🌟 Let's celebrate each other's victories and spread some positivity. Share your wins of the week with us in the comments below! Whether it's big or small, we want to hear them all. 🎉 Let's uplift and inspire one another. #SSHCWins #CelebratingSuccess #SpreadPositivity
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Got a podcast in with Laura Turner!! Booked my flight/hotel for SSHC and making some serious gains on my 168 ideas! Sending love and gratitude all around!
#Video 3 Love the CONTROL section! I control my time for other priorities so this was a good reminder to build in time to work on my 168 because it truly is a priority.
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Path to 10 Billion. The Beginnings of who and why.
#Video 1 Hey everyone! I'm Patrick and I'm a Student Physical Therapist and working on a nutritional coach certification with Precision Nutrition. Currently, I'm investing in building my business (Diabetes Management Group) to serve people with Type 2 Diabetes to develop lifestyle habits to overcome the lowest points of their life! My goal is to have $10,000,000,000 when I'm 60 years old to invest in scholarships, grants, and other opportunities to serve young adults or teens learn how to manage their Diabetes and the lifestyle factors associated with it (transitioning off their parent's insurance plan, the importance of taking their prescribed amounts of medications, when to seek help when experiencing an emergency, setting healthy boundaries, etc) as well as people that I believe need the chance to speed up their success! While growing up, I did not really learn about money or finances at home since it was a taboo topic (also, the language barrier didn't help) and at school, it was the "go to college, get a job, and climb up the ladder" mindset. When I was 5, I started working in my family's Chinese restaurant (still work there whenever I'm on breaks from school) to help us make meet-ends. But I realized working 8-14 hour shifts every day for 365 days a year while struggling to decide if we should spend $50 on making sure we don't get kicked out of our house or paying the copay to see the dentist when I was a kid is not the lifestyle I want to have nor want my future family to have. But I did learn the importance of investing in assets and people from a full-ride scholarship from the Daniels Fund during my senior year in high school. The person who created the scholarship is Bill Daniels and he revolutionized the cable industry, went through bankruptcy, and persevered through his alcoholism to provide an opportunity for his associates, investors, and the youth. He shared what he learned with those who earned his scholarship and learned his story and this allowed me to take risks to have a life where I leave a legacy behind to support and inspire others to improve their situation while also serving others. Plus, he is the first billionaire that invested in me so I want to pay it forward!
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That is just awesome! What a great story! PN is awesome - lots of great materials as well! Thank you for sharing!
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@Patrick Luo Yes I do have my PN1! Absolutely! In your dashboard, go to the Resource Center --> Coaching Resources. Lots of good graphics for posters and handouts!
Life by Design
#Video 1 Hi everyone! I am an entrepreneur (cash practice owner) with my husband, Josh. We are loving owning a cash practice but we created a JOB and now are looking into other avenues. Our practice is focused on manual therapy (counterstrain) and wellness/nutrition. We had real estate side hustle for a few years but got out of that to pay off student loans. I am from a very small town and growing up, people with $$ were "evil". They were the ones keeping everyone down and when we started making money, it was very uncomfortable to have nice things around my family... still I feel like I have to overshare about debt or how we are paying for things. We are currently working on boundaries and growing our inner circle with people who are like minded and genuinely happy for us, though most of our friends don't understand the entrepreneur mindset. Loved the money rules!! We have 2 little girls and want them growing up knowing that they can live life by design and be 100% supported and encouraged
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I can relate to the "creating a job" part. I am excited for all of us to create a new model of wealth! You got this!
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