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Module 7, Video 1
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I'd like to provide a checklist about ADHD (seeeif their kid has it), a checklist for auditory processing disorders, and a checklist for autism. (3 separate offers). I might also provide a sensory checklist. I'd also provide some free podcasts to the parents where they can start to navigate what is going on with their child, and a community group where they can come together. My big offer is going to be some brain training.
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@Katie Glynn I like this!
Let’s Go!!!
#Video 1 Hi, I’m Sarah Gibson, and as of last week can now say I’m a full time entrepreneur working on a hybrid business called Dizzy Doc. I help clients suffering from debilitating dizziness, neck pain, headaches and TMJ get their lives back. I’ve been a PT for 18+ years and have managed my own symptoms successfully for the past 12. I’m very passionate about this population and complex problem, and about finding a way to help clients without burning myself out in the process so I can be present with my 4 awesome kiddos that are growing up way too fast and my hubby of 21 years. I also aim to put my own health in the forefront moving forward. The pain I felt from burnout managing someone else’s clinic working 60+ hours was so great and now I just feel so free and liberated. I actually wanted to get out of bed today, on a Monday, to start working on my biz! This is saying a lot! I want to be able to create a 168 vehicle to continue to spread education about Cervicogenic dizziness so thousands of others can conquer this! I wasn’t taught much at all about money growing up, but to be careful with it and use coupons and find sales from my mom and be somewhat impulsive and it what you want from my dad. Perhaps these opposing views are what I’ve created in my marriage with me being the spender and my husband the saver. It would be nice to be able to not have to worry about money so much in the future and be able to provide the lifestyle for my children that I’ve dreamed of.
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Hey Sarah so excited to be in Platinum Mastermind with you. Your topic is great and much needed. I'm the owner of a Pedi clinic in The Woodlands TX. Working those 60 hour weeks but the clinic is mine, so wanting to back off and work on sharing the knowledge I've gained these past 30 years with parents of kids with ADHD, Autism, Sensory Integration and Auditory Processing Issues. I've got 4 kids as well but my youngest is 23. Looking forward to meeting you in Group 4!
Hey folks - taking maternity leave as a solo practitioner in a few months. want to offer some accountability for my current patients to keep them on track until I come back treating. anyone use Trainerize or another similar App for their clients you'd recommend? or does our 168 offer something of that sort?
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Have you thought about doing telehealth visits?
Blinq: free digital business card
I was recently at a networking event and forgot my business cards. I quickly used the Blinq app to create a “business card” with a QR code that takes someone directly to my URL (can be a group, linktree, website or whoever you want to send them). Check it out! It’s free!
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I used this at AOTA this year! Fun!
A little about me
#Video 1 I have been practicing physical therapy for 28 years and have worked in many different settings from contract to permanent with the current setting being a "permanent" hospital-based outpatient rehab center. For many years I thought that being a PT was going to make me a lot of money so that I could retire before I turned 50. My parents never went to college but always worked 1-2 jobs, to keep food on the table, lights on and clothes for school. My mother was the one that stressed to me to get a good education, save my money "for a rainy day" and to not have a lot bills (somehow, I lost that wisdom)! I grew up in the layaway (our credit card account) and savings and loan era and it was my mother who started my first savings account. She would always tell me," It's not what you make, It's what you do with what you make." Well after getting into debt from student loans and whatever else foolishness I was doing at time, I got caught up in the MLM/ phase of the 90's trying to build various business believing I too had to spend money to money, I lost more than I made and created more debt for myself. My parents are gone now, looking back as am I writing this, I realized I can't ever remember them talking about dreams of wanting anything more, they were both from depression era, Jim Crow and surviving with the basics was winning for them. And as for assets, they were sold those whole life policies with the cash value pay out when they died. They never got to see any of that money that they paid into all those years. I see that I have a lot that mentality. It is hard for me to vision more than just being debt free. Although my parents did the best they could, they died broke and with no legacy. I have to break the cycle to create a 168 vehicle that will allow me to help women, who are stressed with poor eating habits take charge of the health with targeted lifestyle changes.
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Love this Jeanette! You could help so many people!
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Tina Casoglos-Adamopoulos
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I'm a pediatric OT who loves to travel. The best part of my job is when I get to educate therapists, teachers and parents of neurodivergent children.

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