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I was one step away from using Skool, but I would also like my free facebook group to migrate into the same owned social network (like Skool). Everything in one place. Especially the free group because that's where my potential clients are and they should hear from me every week and get this 'family feeling' and becoming a part of my brand, so they automatically feel the most trust with me and wanting to upgrade to my premium program when they are ready. But I'm worried that the engagement will be low in the free group because it's a new platform...any thoughts/opinions? My strategy: 1. Place 1 weekly free training video in the free community (webinar style) 2. Send a notification email to everyone when a new training is released 3. They can ask all of their questions about building an online business to the members Is that enough to keep them coming to Skool weekly...? (instead of the free FB group) I'm getting nightmares about Facebook 😆



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Esther Megens
Hector Saul Maldonado
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    @Gordon Goddard yes that's exactly what I meant by engaging, because they have to learn new behavior (switch to Skool instead of FB)...starting with a demo group is a good idea! Good luck and keep us posted how it goes?

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    @Hector Saul Maldonado yes I definitely give it a try. The thing I am most interested in that people can endorse other people to the free community and receive points (and therefore prices), so that the free community grows organically/by 'invite a friend'. Unfornately skool doesnt offer that yet, but hopefully in the future.

I cannot see a way that it makes sense (for me) to use Skool within my paid product currently. I am working on the idea... But I am wondering if it would be a WAY better experience than FB for my FREE gateway group. There are obvious benefits of using Skool but also obvious downsides (such as FB working because peeps are there anyway, organic growth, potential and easy advertising etc). I am wondering, has anyone made this switch and, if so, what was your experience and what were your results?



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Gordon Goddard
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