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Hi everyone, my name is Rosa, and I am from Germany. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and I joined this group to learn new things, be around people with similar mindsets and maybe create a future for myself where I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck!!



Giulia Guerrieri
Rosa Linda Lohmann Mendoza
Erin Winkler
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    Nice to meet you, Rosa! Welcome! I just want to let you know that I hear you :) I know how hard it is to find your path. I have come to know that the things that we sort of feel detached from in some way: whether that be towards a specific type of song or even way of life, are more significant than we think! I realized that all of those "things" that I "disliked" were just confirmation of where I was going to go. All I needed to do was have faith in timing and work on myself!🕊️

A few years ago I asked God to show me a butterfly when I met my soulmate. It took 6 months, but I finally received it and it was spot on. Whenever I see a butterfly, I take it as confirmation. What is your spiritual sign?



Pearce McMahon
Giulia Guerrieri
Erin Winkler
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    My spiritual sign is the number 777! It is actually the number that guided me towards my business name!!

Hi everyone! My name is Erin. I currently work in the skincare sector at a local business in my hometown Stockbridge. If you don't know Stockbridge is a teeny tiny town in northern Wisconsin. Right now I am in the process of building the roots for my own business that centers around my love for food and baking! I am eager to share with others my love of the power of food and how it heals us and bonds us. I look forward to learning more about each of your endeavors as well, as we embark on our business plans together! :)



Giulia Guerrieri
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