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Can someone explain Medicare considerations within our business model more? I need ease of mind. Haha
I have this Advance Beneficiary Notice regarding Medicare coverage, and @Greg Louie and I were trying to understand how we can provide our services cash-pay heath and wellness programs if people with Medicare are required to use it first? I asked ChatGPT and this is the response I got, but I want to understand better how others are actually applying this with their older adult demographic that qualify under Medicare. I have a lead who is getting surgery and is wanting to work with me, but I don't accept Medicare, so does she have to go through a standard PT clinic first and then work with me or how can I resolve this? Question: Do I have to use medicare in physical therapy before starting into a health and wellness program? ChatGPT: Not necessarily. If you want to start a health and wellness program without needing physical therapy, you don't have to use Medicare. You can choose to participate in those programs on your own and pay for them yourself. However, if you have a specific health condition or an injury that requires physical therapy, it's important to talk to your doctor. They will determine if physical therapy is necessary for your situation. If your doctor recommends physical therapy, Medicare may help cover the cost if you qualify for Medicare benefits. In summary, you don't have to use Medicare for health and wellness programs that are not related to a specific health condition. But if physical therapy is recommended by your doctor for a specific injury or condition, Medicare may help cover the cost of that therapy.
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Whether you are contracted or not with Medicare - if you are providing skilled and MEDICALLY necessary care - you must bill Medicare. I would assume post surgery is considered medically necessary care that is also skilled. Here's the sourse of when to use an ABN. They could see a Medicare provider for an initial period while you provide extra therapy that is cash. The extra therapy would be beyond the recommended amount by the evaluating therapist(therefore not medically necessary under Medicare) - Hope that makes sense
IIS - Module 3, Video 1
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I’ve reached out to family and friends. I’m always posting on a FB group for adult children taking care of older parents or relatives. Not clear on where to reach my audience. I know where they shop, that they’re into some form of fitness - pickle ball, tennis, yoga- just not sure where to find them online
I'm so excited to welcome these amazing people in to our group! thank you for joining! @Kim Kyle @Liza Brown-Dicostantino @Kailey Lewis @Amy Marchant @Ariel LaRocca @Tyler Willett @Adrienne Kawabata @Jamie Bomtempo @Lydia Badra @Adrienne Ostrov @Bryce Williams @Jennifer Kinkade @Natalie Shlyonsky @Jennifer Kinkade@Natalie Shlyonsky @Taylor McNair @Katie Blanchard @Lori Diamos @Erin diChiara Introduce yourselves! Let us know: 1. Who you are (Your Profession) 2. Who you serve 3. What you would like to get from this group!
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@Ariel LaRocca I'm in Atlanta too! I have a Concierge Aging in Place practice focusing on Home Mods, Fall prevention, and easy living. Let's connect!
I need to adjust my numbers
#Video 2 I need to make more based on 30 - 40 - 30 equation. What is my path? that I'm going to have to work on. I need more information about what the different options entail
I need to make MONEY
#Video 1 I'm Erin diChiara, Mother of micro-preemie twins, leukemia survivor, wife to Stage 4 cancer survivor, gardener, animal lover, knitter/crafter, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, OT for 30yrs (got ALL the letters), technology specialist, Aging in Place Concierge business owner. My passion right now is making a profitable business as my husband is retiring in a year and we NEED the money. I have been kicking around the idea to develop an online business for the past couple of years. I have decided to be brave enough to JUMP IN now. Who taught me about money - my parents. Do I want what they have YES!!! My father took his father's business and made it a multi-million dollar business.... my mother started a non-profit from the back of her car and after 45yrs when she retired the NJ Community Foodbank was the largest most diverse foodbank in the Second Harvest system (a multi-million dollar non-profit).
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Erin diChiara
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I'm an OT, Mom to micropreemie twins, a leukemia/BMT survivor, married to a cancer survivor, lover of animals, all this and a twisted sense of humor

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