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Rollin In
Hello everyone!! My name is Chelsea, and on IG, my handle is @idreamofskating. I really do dream of Skating. It has become as necessary as eating and sometimes I wonder exactly how I became so entrenched. I love that there is always a new challenge and that it is connected to a global community and I get to connect mind and body and music to create something that is unique to me, but also informed by the people I skate with both in person and virtually. It is just so cool. I was a speed skater in my early teens when my family lived in Alaska. We moved to Overland Park, Kansas, when I was a freshman in high school, and the trauma of moving during such a pivotal time sent me into a depression, and I gave up Skating. I didn’t pick it up again until I got sober 25 years later. Another pivotal time in my life at first I just trail skated but then a friend told me about a skate meet up and that is where I was introduced to the Skate community here in the bay area where I currently live, and all of the amazing things we can do on eight wheels. I started going to these parties, learning and making friends, and now I can’t imagine my life without my Skate community. It started to take over my life so much that I had to get a separate Instagram handle to track my process and my progress. Overtime, my posting has slowed down. I still skate every day but I feel like the community there is just too large for me to keep up with. That’s why I’m so excited about having this group to work with. I like the idea of a smaller group and more in-depth conversation about Skating.. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and growing together.
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Hello!!! HELLO!!! I’m so glad that we “met” on IG… You really helped me with my dips… Thank You again! 😀
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@Douglas Nagel Welcome Back!!!! From the looks of this pic it’s beautiful where you live!!!
Pivot Variations
Hey I made this pivot variation video the other day. If yall try it and post a video of yourself here I could help you with your pivots or some of us here would have some good tips👍🏽😁
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Pivot Variations
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@Knejie Allen Thank You!
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@Knejie Allen Yes!!! Do it!!! I’d pay for Virtual Lessons.
How do we upload video of ourselves practicing what we learned in your school of skate each week?
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I just tried to attach a 24 second video of me trying to line dance. Did it go thru?
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@Chelsea Marin Thanks for the feedback…. It’s good to “see” you here. 🙂
For the past week or so, I haven’t been getting any email notifications. What gives?
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@Jerilyn Lewis Hmmmmmm…
🛼Intermediate Skills Overview Available Now!🕺🏽
Hey SK8 fam just wanted to let yall know that I uploaded the Intermediate skills guide today. Navigate to the "classroom" section of your app an you can find it there. Let me know what yall think, any and all feedback is always welcome. It can be about the content, the creative, animation, the pace, the camera angle, the orientation... anything. Even if you feel like its just a personal preference of how you would enjoy it more, I want to hear it please. I want this to be the best SK8 video tutorial series there is so I won't take offense to some criticisms.
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I can’t wait learn spread eagle… It’s the holy grail to other moves…
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@Knejie Allen Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to watching and learning from the video… A skater friend was trying to show me a couples routine that included the spread eagle the other day at the rink but I couldn’t nail it because of my inability to do spread eagle properly.
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54. … Skated as a kid… Returned to skating Thanksgiving wknd 2022 w/lessons w/Myesha SmoothGoddess…Being a 76x Marathoner has helped with my agility….

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