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8 week Flag Ship
Hey guys as of today I'm running an 8 week version of the flag ship to get the year started off right. How I plan to run an 8 week version is mostly for my swings so the program will basically add a week in between the original 4. That will make the volume progression by 10's. Week 1 will remain 100 swings. Wk 2 110, wk 3 120 etc and concluding at 170 swings. On the swing strength day the progression will be adding 1 set of heavies each week instead of 2. Week 1 will still be 8 sets moderate and 2 heavy. Week 2 will be 7m and 3h and so on and concluding on 1m/9h. Getups for the time being will just be 2 weeks at each stage. At the conclusion my goal is to have brought the 32 and 24 bells into my 80% range as my new standard. Whoever wants to post here with me feel free. I won't be posting the starter and main movements because we all know them but I will post my finishers because i have a progression system I'm focussing for hypertrophy goals. I'll also use my posts as my training notes that I use for relecting and feedback for improvement purposes.
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Might hop in this after a week of bodyweight work and continuing my get ups
Fit for the Holidays Week 4! Final Week.
Hey guys, I hope you're all still going strong into week 4. Let's hear some updates. What's been going well, what have been the struggles? Are you meeting your overall goals? Let's rock this final week of the accountability/encouragement group. Thanks for all of your contributions to the group these past few weeks: @Eric Hicks @Jared Belmarsh @Mike Hughes @Nathan Ellefsen @Tom Kortegaard @Grant Anderson
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Week 4 day 3 complete....grinding through the holiday season
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ok, week 4 day 4 done... in actuality im still on week 2 since i doubled up each week. so ill be continuing. If we wanna keep a post with week 5 through 8 lemme know.... whoever wants to keep going let me know so i can add you and we can check in and keep the encouragment up
Fit for the Holidays Week #2 - Discussion Thread 
Hey everyone - It’s been a great week of encouragement and accountability from all of you guys! This is a new thread for week #2 check-ins and for the weekly discussion questions. I'd love to hear from all of you on the questions below as we start the week. 1.  How did week 1 go for all of you?  What were your challenges, what were your victories? 2. What is one way that you enjoyed the holiday season over the past week?  3. Share about a time you felt good about the progress you’re making in your fitness journey.  Let’s keep the momentum going!
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Week 3 day 3 I'm working an extra night fun
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Week 3 day 4 to work for another night days off to recover then back at it for week 4 Monday
Fit for the Holidays - Encouragement Group - Intro thread & Week 1
This thread is for guys who want to participate in a 4-week encouragement/accountability group. *Fit for the Holidays* is a group for guys who want to make progress or resist losing progress in their training with bells for the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Set your own goals and criteria for success, share what you want to share, and encourage one another. The challenge starts Monday, Nov 27. Let’s go! For the intro thread, answer the following questions: 1. VISION: What is your Vision or your “Why” for the next 4 weeks of training? 2. GOALS: What are the 1 or 2 concrete goals that would define success for the next 4 weeks? 3. ACTIONS: What actions, interventions, or plans will you implement over the next 4 weeks to achieve your goals?  4. BACKGROUND: Give a brief bio of yourself in 3-4 sentences.  See my first comment for an example.
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just finished week 1. not to bad, but also didnt feel the greatest.. thinking of repeating each week and making it an 8 week flagship program....think i wanna give myself more time to build up to the 32kg on swings and 24kg get ups...either way, i was active each day, and so far i got 10k steps in each day..i still have to finish my steps today, but that wont be a problem as im going to work the night shift at the hospital.
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Week 2 day 1 complete 17k steps today
Mini-Encouragement/Accountability Group - post Thanksgiving?
I'm looking for a few guys who would like to encourage one another through the 4-week flagship program as we head into early winter. We'd start Sunday, Nov 26 and finish Saturday, Dec 23. We would all share our individual goals and what specific interventions we'd be following then we'd encourage one another and build each other up throughout the process. Ideally, this would be 5-10 of us who want to share the journey. Who wants to join me? I'd envision us having some sort of a private chat where we encourage one another, and we'd share our goals and updates on the page here weekly. For Context/starting point, my vison/goals/interventions will look something like this: Vision: To fully enjoy the holiday season without losing ground in my KB training or weight-loss Goal(s): 1. To complete all 16 sessions from the flagship program between the dates of Nov 26-Dec 23. 2. To weigh no greater than 188# on Sunday, Dec 24. (my present weight after losing 10 # in Sept/Oct) Interventions/Actions: 1. Complete the flagship program, focusing on slow-and-steady execution with the best form I know, not progression in bells (I'm recovering from injury). 2. I will drink alcohol and/or sweetened beverages like hot cocoa, egg nog, etc. no more than two days per week during the identified period. 3. I will eat according to my whole foods and protein-focused eating plan no less than 5 days per week. 4. I will log 8000 steps per day with no more than 3 missed days. 5. I will make time for meal planning, shopping and prep every week for the four week period. As you can see, these interventions/actions are mindful of this being a festive and busy month of the year with the goal of NOT LOSING PROGRESS. They will also force me to plan my indulgences mindfully... i.e. I might skip the sweet coffee drink on Thursday, knowing that I'm taking the family Christmas shopping the following Saturday.
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@Jake Olson I ordered a 32kg bell, I'm down to start flagship Monday.....I'm a little nervous about stepping up my gets ups to 24kg.....slowly of course, but still nervous
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@Mike Hughes I agree....I don't do Facebook
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