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Hey team, last week I decided to take the channel seriously so posting here for accountability aswell as feedback! Here's the checklist I tried to follow compared to last video. - Good topic (try with trending always) - Title Improved Significantly - Credibility at the beginning of the video - Banner of youtube channel - Thumbnail - Background sound / music - Polish the video more post production, adding text or transitions, sound effects, B rolls Would love feedback! https://youtu.be/MrHKfT8V8E0



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Been in here for a while, been following Andrew for a while, and yesterday I decided to double down on my youtube channel. Here's the first video I just uploaded since decided to go all in on youtube: https://youtu.be/z2x9nHlN43g Would love any feedback at all! Background story about me: I've been running my health & performance consulting business since January 2020. It's been going really well, but I am looking to take things to the next level by becoming a real Synthesizer through my Youtube channel & Tiktok. Looking forward to the journey! https://youtu.be/z2x9nHlN43g



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    @Acacia Hernandez Thank you!

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    @Andrew Kirby Thank you for the feedback. Will add credibility in the beginning moving forward and keep hammering trending topics. For title, "3 Life Lessons From Andrew Tate For Young Men" is what I changed it too. Would you try improve it more or leave it at that, and if so to what? In regards to my channel, I will add a banner explaining more what I do and make more videos about the topics I wanna talk about but - Is there anything else you'd recommend for the viewer to know what I do? Thanks for the help!

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