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what niches
hello i'm just really stuck on how to pick a niche which businesses or people are starving for like something thats outside of the box and is in massive need. I can offer them content creation, Go high level services and running paid ads but I need a niche that correlates with all of those services
Matteo Bjurman
Valentin Yegorov
Enrico Vdw
Martynas Gaja
Scotty Ni
New comment 14h ago
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@Valentin Yegorov honestly mate. Thats the biggest reason why nobody makes any money. You all wanna get โ€œrichโ€ quick. Aint work like that. The higher the ticket.. the better your skill level has to be. Start low ticket. $750-$850 and $1500 adspend. 10x750 = 7500 10x850 = 8500 Imagine later down the line your clients love you and youve been getting them fantastic results. Hey Jeff, we can double our current output and get double the results. Upsell them later on to a $2500 package. They will say yes. (If you provided them with results) Then your 10 clients would go from $7,500 to $25,000 I hit 100k this month starting out with $750 and scaling all the way up to 5k per client.
Running ads to get clients (a thread)
Wanna run ads to get clients? I made a google doc on how to do it and how i i do it to generate a f*#% ton of appointments and nobody is smart enough to do this. Shoot me a dm. Ill sent it to you no questions asked๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐Ÿ“ˆ
Hasif Faruk
Seth Hay
Johan Mbuta
Venkat Maddala
Georgi Ivanov
New comment 5d ago
To Max!
Lets make something happen. You wanna fly out to Cape Town on my expense and have a podcast?
I generated $133,000 in 240 days..
So about 8 months ago, i didn't really have knowledge about SMMA and its kind of funny that i got to this point, because i was where many of you are now, basically consuming every single Youtube, Tik-tok, reels video i could find and the truth is i never really put in the work, i never really "found the time" to do the work, but that's completely untrue, i was just lazy and did not see any reason for me to actually do the work, send my messages, make my calls and do my follow ups. It was Saturday the 14th of February 2023 where i just said F it and dove right in, head first, ready to take on every challenge that comes my way. Obviously it did not come easy, there were many things that went wrong, spending $900 on ads and only getting 8 leads that didn't even convert (did not know what i was doing) It was after i first realized how to run ads that i started getting clients booking meetings with me left and right, but honestly before that i wasted many hours and wasted so much f money on courses and pointless books which i never needed. All i actually needed was a good video or coach that taught me how to build a basic framework on how to run b2b ads to book appointments, how to follow up with these leads and qualify the leads and make sure... they didn't book "just for fun" and actually showed up... Fast forward to now i get a new lead and booked appointment every 20 minutes, i hold a record of booking 5 meetings in 20 minutes (i actually attached a picture for you guys to see) Everyone of you is wasting your time doing these 3 things: 1. Cold Calling 2. Cold Dming 3. Cold Emailing I ran a simple facebook ad which had a free offer with "limited spots available" and when they eventually get to the call i bait and switch them. If you have any questions lemme know. Happy to help.
Krishna Kumar
Adarsh B Nambiar
Chris Usti
Enrico Vdw
Dev Ww
New comment 8d ago
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@Forkan Ramim thank you
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@Chris Usti glad i could inspire you๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
My first $50,000 month cash collected
If you dont have atleast $1,000 to spend this does not really apply to you. So at first I thought calling, dming and emailing will solve all my problems. Honestly for a moment in time it did and i was super content with getting the odd client here and there, but it was not stable at all, i could never get a client on โ€œdemandโ€ it was only until i implemented this exact strategy that i scaled to $50,000 cash collected, not even 2 months after i implemented this. Im gonna give it away for free because this community is amazing๐Ÿฅ‚ This is how i ran one simple ad, no a/b testing, no $100+ a day adspend and absolutely no guarantees. I did this with only $1000 saved up a bit of knowledge about terms within my niche (chiropractic) and a few clicks on canva. This simple framework is easy and it WORKS! Ive not seen anyone doing this so its new and its definitely exciting๐Ÿ“ˆ While i wont be sharing the creative with you guys, if you can slap two brain cells together then you will understand what you need to do. The creative has only 3 rules: 1. Give something away for free (your service, ebook) 2. Create scarcity (limited spots, limited time) 3. Make then ad as simple as can be. (Old way vs New way) No guarantees, no money back, no refunds. Your only goal with this ad is to collect prospect information. The ad directs them to a landing page where you have a VSL, this vsl should be a brief 5 minute explainer of the ebook, why are you credible to give advice (its your social proofing for the next step) (in short a VSL is a online sales letter where you sell or upsell visitors something that visits your landing page) On this landing page they have to watch your VSL, they are given an option to download the ebook after an optin page where you collect their info (name,number,email) this is a โ€œleadโ€ for those of you who dont know. The ebook directly starts downloading after filling in the optin form. After they have filled in the optin form, they are riderected to yet another VSL, a short 2-3 minute vsl where you explain the ebook or free offer and this is the important part in the process where you actually get to book a meeting with them.
Enrico Vdw
Christie Sim
Daniel Kremsa
Dev Ww
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@Daniel Kremsa Currently shouting on the inside๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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@Daniel Kremsa But thanks๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป
! need help
I have $1200 to Start SMMA. I want to Make Best use of My Money! If You was Me, How Did you Spend this Money? In Order to Build Successful SMMA. ( looking for Detailed Comments form Fellow Hustlers!)
Billy Cannon
Enrico Vdw
Kavin Prabhu
Tatenda Tvafukidze
Syed Ghazi
New comment 10d ago
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I would think of ways to split it up into different expenses. Outreach $300, Subscriptions $300 etc
I made $29,000 with two VA's each earning $3 per hour.
Hiring appointment setters is hard as hell. If you guys want i can teach you how to hire the best ones. I have a checklist i can send to yall if you want it? I made it because i spent $700 on VA's that didnt bring me results so i tried to find a way to hire the right ones off the bat. Thats ultimately why this checklist exists.
Sergiu Ignat
Enrico Vdw
New comment 16d ago
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@Sergiu Ignat shoot me a dm
Lets be real. You are not gonna read this because your not an action taker.
For months i too struggled to get my first client. Hell i was even struggling to do outreach. I was just plainly lazy and i never really did anything besides watching youtube, i thought by doing that i will someday magically fall into wealthโ€ฆ hahaha now i can safely say that is untrue and having made over $230k in the last 3 months with two agencies and a ebook. I can safely say that is FORSURE completely false. You dont fall into it. You gotta take action and set goals. I have made a 90 day habit tracker sheet when i first started keeping myself accountable and set a goal to get 10 clients after the 90 days. Guess what happened? I got 13 clients. 3 more than I anticipated for. In 3 months i went from 2k a month to 50k a month and i say it again in onlyโ€ฆ 3 months. You can do it too forsure. I still use the habit tracker sheet to this day (not for outreach anymore tho) BUT you can use it for it though. Dm me ill send it to ya!
Hanad Mohamed
M.Cihad Tavacioglu
Marvelous Moses
Seif Hussain
Enrico Vdw
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@Marvelous Moses shoot me a dm brotha
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@Seif Hussain shoot me a dm brotha
Call leads yourself or get your clients to?
Hey everyone, I was just wondering do you guys call up the leads you get for your clients or get the clients to call them up themselves because some SMMA gurus say its better to get the clients to call them themselves since they can get into more specifics as they know what they're talking about while others say it's better to call the leads yourself and give the clients booked appointments.
Enrico Vdw
Faizan Ali
Vidushi Aggrawal
Jose Miranda
New comment 17d ago
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The best agencies make sure the client does not lift a finger
DM Script that gets hella meetings.
Made a DM script that works like a bomb. Shoot me a dm if you want the full framework!
Zayd Thahir
Enrico Vdw
Ujjwal Mishra
New comment 17d ago
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@Zayd Thahir send me a dm
This is the sole reason why you do not have a client.
You do not appear to be unique at all. You use the same scripts, same offer, same guarantees as everyone else. To stand out in a crowded room full of people with grey collar shirts. Where a neon yellow collared shirt. The difference makes you unique. Unique experience and offers attract prospects. Be. Different.
i want to know what worked best for you with your SMMA cold calls or cold emails?
Matthew Johnson
Enrico Vdw
New comment 18d ago
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Cold calls.
Urgent Question ๐Ÿšจ
So I am in talks with a garage door company - they have no licenses nor LLC / inc - They are in Arizona, USA. Is it possible to still advertise for the company on facebook? Would i need to worry about the ad account being flagged or restricted or federal or state penalties?
Enrico Vdw
New comment 18d ago
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Appointments galore !
Another two appointments booked this week Current outreach 50 cold calls a day (Iโ€™m only cold calling) Soon will hire an appointment setter to do it for me Wish me luck ๐Ÿคฉ
Enrico Vdw
New comment 18d ago
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Well done Dennis!
Framework for cold dms
I made a quick script with a couple follow ups for you guys to use on DMs. So far my team has booked 7 meetings this week with this. If you want it i can send it to you in your pms. Just comment down below.
Jason Liu
Yash Kurmavanshi
Himanshu Singh
Tashriq Daniels
Enrico Vdw
New comment 19d ago
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@Himanshu Singh your dms closed. Shoot me a dm
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@Tashriq Daniels your dms closed. Just send me a dm.
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