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ChatGPT Blocked By YouTube
Interesting....I went to pull in some information from a Youtube video today using a ChatGPT plugin, and it would not return anything. So I tried another plugin, and it said that the Robots.txt file on YouTube was blocking access.
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@Robert Clay Yeah what I meant in my first message is just that on 1 single chat input you cant do "chunks" bigger that 4k words. Or are you saying that you can do that
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@Robert Clay I don't know, i cant do that. Do you have the business/enterprise version or plus version?
Create Videos Using Prompts With AI Video Generation Software
Ever wondered how AI can help you create YouTube videos? Well, I've got you covered. 🎥 In this video, I dive deep into an AI video generator that's a game-changer for content creators. Whether you're looking to make explainer videos, top 10 lists, or even custom scripts, this tool has got it all. 🛠️ 👉 Watch the video here Why should you watch it? - Learn how to create videos using AI voice and stock footage 🗣️🎞️ - Discover customisation and editing options that will blow your mind 🤯 - Get insights into how you can save time and still produce high-quality content ⏰✨ Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe if you find the video helpful. Your support is gratefully received🙏 Catch you in the comments section! 💬 Cheers Jason
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This is revolutionary. I used another AI tool to create videos called Visla. But this tool is beyond on every level. Based on my previous experience making youtube videos by hiring teams etc. This type of 3 min video would maybe cost 100$ without exaggerating. So getting months and thousands of dollars in deal for this cheap 50$ montly thing is insane
Voice Over for AI
Hey guys, I recently tried to make a AI VO for a video. However "Speechki" couldnt handle about 1700 words. Does anyone know a plugin that can handle atleast that amount of words. Prefer if the service would be free, if not still let me know. Thanks
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@John Santos I actually found a super solution. But thanks for the tip
Winston AI no more?
hey, i was going to proofread my script that i wrote with chatgpt but it seems winston ai is for sale. Anyone know any additional information. Maybe i have the wrong link or....
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@Jason West thank you
Help needed, words count ignored
I have been trying to get chatgpt to write me a script and been perfecting the script. But i notice the the AI is lazy? Not just this example prompt but has happened in later prompts as well. Any idea what i can do? It looks like its lazy not putting in the work or lying? Im not even sure how to react to this other than get frustrated. First pick is included in my script requirement. The second pic speaks for itself. I know i could just ask it to extend it, but there might be other requirements that i havent spotted that it might have ignored as well in addition
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@Chris Chenault Btw will the response length always be 550 words no matter what? unless i tell it in a way to write more
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@Chris Chenault "Please create an outline for a script of a chance encounter of 2 leprechauns when 2 rainbows cross. The script final script will be about 1200 words, so I will need about 4 sections to my script. The script should be humorous with the leprechauns playing a boasting game." Lets say that I need to write about economy, would the script look something like this: Please create an outline for a script of the US inflation. The script final script will be about 1800 words, so I will need about 4 sections to my script. The script should be Professional, with a documentary style on it.
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