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40 contributions to The 4 Hour AI Workweek Academy Thoughts
Over the past week I've gone through and completed the Make Basics, Foundation and Intermediate assessments. This took probably around 12 hours, but depending on how fast you can proceed through the units, it could be 11-16 hours. The important thing is to go at your own pace though. My thoughts after completing all 3 assessments: - I think it's good for everyone to take Basics and get a feel for how the platform can serve you and what you need to accomplish. - If you're feeling good about Make, definitely continue on to Basics - Intermediate has a ton of niche use cases that everyone might not need, but there are helpful small things in there. It might be easier to consult their forums for specific items you might need to use, than spend the time going through the full Intermediate course, especially if you're time constrained. - To do anything on Make, it costs operations. Whether you're on a free plan or a paid plan, you have an allocation of operations each month (you can add more if you run out). Throughout all 3 assessments, there's guidance on how to optimize your automation scenarios to reduce spending operations (this is good). That said, to me at least, there are perhaps better ways of accomplishing some of the use cases they went over, without consuming operations, especially if you can build, format and use spreadsheets in Excel, Google Sheets, or other non JSON data sources. There were a few exercises, where it felt faster to have the data organized and sorted in spreadsheets than through parsing JSON, although I realize this will vary depending on your use case, and your individual data sources. It looks like there's a separate partner certification process here at Make, although it looks like it covers the same 3 assessments plus additional sales training and enterprise. I'll need to dive deeper and report back on this front. Happy to answer any questions as best I can on the Make Academy coursework though.
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Ben you have given an incredible amount of Value here. I look forward to the in-depth discussion that happens from this post. Do you have specific lessons or modules that you thought could have used less automation through Make? I'd be curious to know if any alternatives came to mind.
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@Ben Murphy Thank you for that clarity and detail. That makes sense. When and if you have time, I would love to hear about the specific modules if only to talk about them later. No rush on this at all by the way.
Using CLEAR Prompt in Perplexity
Hey All, @Fernando Sciessere Here are my results from using my CLEAR prompt inside of perplexity. Here is a copy of my research prompt. EDIT 01/26/2024 I've turned the prompt into a Medium article that you all can read here
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@Natie French Hey Natie. That is a great question. I haven't compared with ChatGPT-4 directly yet. I will share updated results when and if I get them.
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@Cm S Thanks CM.
How I'm earning $ with Medium and AI
Hello All, I want to kick Monday off with a bang. So I am sharing one way I am using Chat GPT to help me earn a Semi-passive income. It feels kind of criminal sharing all of this with you, but here I go. Here are the steps 1. Pay to be a Medium member. 2. Use the CLEAR method to create a killer prompt. 3. Publish that prompt as a Medium article. 4. Profit. The steps above are an oversimplification of the process, but this is one way that you can make money with AI. The second article was the GPT prompt that I created while watching Alex and Lyle's demonstration of the course. Here are links to the articles if you want to check them out. Article 1 Article 2 Let me know if you have any questions.
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How I'm earning $ with Medium and AI
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@Luke Skyward Congrats on your earnings Luke.
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@Cm S You are welcome CM.
Welcome to the Wins channel!
Welcome to the Wins channel of The 4 Hour AI Workweek community! Channel's Mission: - To celebrate your wins and breakthroughs no matter how small. - To help each other share best practices and success stories with using AI. - To encourage each other and cheer each other on. Posting Guidelines: 1. Please share all of your wins no matter how small. The smallest win could hold the key to someone else's success. 2. Share your losses, blunders, and missteps. These challenges are wins in disguise. You will learn more from making a mistake, analyzing it, and sharing what you learned from the experience with others. The simple fact that you can do that is a win and should be celebrated. 3. The point of The 4 Hour AI Workweek is to give you back your time. We want to see the cool things you get to do because you have saved time with AI. 4. Please remember the guidelines in The Community Manifesto, and refrain from empty self-promotion.
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@Terza Ekholm Hey Terza. Thank you sou much for letting me know. I have fixed the link it now points to The Community Manifesto.
Construction Optimal prompts is difficult
Prompt engineering skill to learn,experiment and create in 2024 goals
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Construction Optimal prompts is difficult
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I guess it is a great thing that we are already living in 2027 with this group.
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