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finally came back to me
Finally, the cards sent to PSA came back to me. It turned out a little worse than I thought, but it's not bad for the first time, although I have mixed feelings because the Charizard case came back with a crack. I'm still considering pikachu, it looks very clean to me, the centering is just a bit poor. I don't understand lugia and gengar either, lugia looks much worse and there's only a 1 grade difference
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finally came back to me
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@Henk Z hello, I wanted to send it to PSA on my own but I was at Dave&adams Europe in Roermond and I sent it through them. I sent 9 cards, the cost for the cards alone was 150 euros + shipping + VAT and insurance, the total cost was 230 euros for 9 cards.
🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
Last week I heard that Pokemon Japan has ordered a new print run of Pokemon Card 151 and that it will be restocked at stores in May. Great news! Prices on cardmarket seem to have dropped below €150 per box and I'm guessing when this reprint hits Europe prices will drop more. I'm hoping for a ton of product, and a good sign is that for the first time since 2020, Japan’s Pokemon Center website is selling booster boxes of recent sets without major restrictions. Hopefully they have finally increased their production output. I will definitely invest in this set and get quite a few boxes as soon as the price is right. Even if a lot of boxes hit the market, you can't really go wrong with this one I feel (if you get in at the right price). What about you guys? Did you already invest in some sealed boxes? If not, will you?
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🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
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I usually order Japanese Pokemon from and they always came with foil. The only downside is that they don't sell entire cases, maybe if you contacted them it would be possible.
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@Matthew Nicholas Tandean yes, but the last time I ordered from them I only paid 25 euros for shipping
Hello, today I did something that (I hope) adds value to my collection, for the first time in my life I sent 9 cards to PSA for grading. I did it through Dave & Adam's Europe in Roermond. Has anyone ever sent cards through them?
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@Jesse Kroon I send big three starters from 151 (2x charizaed, venusaur, blastois), 2x pikachu van gogh, lugia from neo Genesis (psa 1 i think), gengar from Triumphant and few years Ago I bought dragon ball galacric battle booster box and I pull god break son goku so I send it too
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@Jesse Kroon of course I will share it, just let them come back to me in 60 days
Pokemon event
Anybody going to the 'Pokebeurs' in Dongen on 02-06-2024?
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@Jesse Kroon only money for pokemons is more important 😅 sometimes girlfriend gets mad when I tell her we're going out together and she is like "Get Pokemon again?"
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BTW what about Pokemon Beurs Venray on May 25, anyone going?
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Hi, my name is Paweł, I'm located in Poland. My favorite card in my collection is Skyla SHF, my very first rare pull - since then has become my most-liked.The reason I collect is just fun doing it, previously gathered many diffrent things like series of CDs, stamps or books.
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Witam, I used to collect stamps, unfortunately I don't know what happened to my collection, but I had quite interesting ones from the pre-war and war times in Poland, and what CDs did you collect? How long have you been collecting Pokemon?
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